Trump Orders Staff To Evacuate

President Trump has ordered top level staff members to evacuate Washington D.C. in anticipation of a major event. White House has activated a nationwide cyber-security response team. Former Attorney General Bill Barr arrested and is cooperating in election fraud investigation and cover-up. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts compromised in election fraud due to evidence proving he visited Jeffrey Epstein’s island. John Carman joins us to discuss. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. According to sources which I have presently invented from thin air to promote my cause, the inner circle membership provides you with a sense of belonging and direction in a confusing world of news. This creates an adverse effect, ridding one’s mind of nearly all logical reasoning which would be used to discern truths from less truths. Resulting an acquaintance of an inner circle member who does not share the same belief, has only been deceived by the lies and less lies by other news publications.

    As moonshine is to vodka, darkoutpost is to theonion.

  2. The guy in the Epstein island photo has a Jewish nose. Roberts’ is decidedly caucasian.

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