TikTok User Films Warehouse Full Of Body Bags — “I Don’t Know What They’re Getting Ready For”

A cache of body bags found in a warehouse raises suspicion of a coming natural disaster. Is the U.S. government preparing for an anticipated event?

ikTok user @lewisboy79 posted a video to the platform on Friday which shows a warehouse stocked full of boxes containing body bags. The question is: what and who are they for?

“Look at all of these body bags in here,” the man filming the video said. “I don’t know what they’re getting ready for — a bunch of them look.”

A closer look reveals the boxes are clearly labeled “cadaver bag.” Each box contains 10 bags that are made for “adults.” Each bag comes with a zipper.

Screenshot via Twitter

The cache of body bags dovetails with information Intellihub editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas has been warning about since March of 2020.

Ambellas believes the U.S. government and other world governments have been using the COVID-19 pandemic as a guise to rollout preparation for an anticipated natural disaster.



  1. The cdc is a joke. The body bags are for the people that wear a pillow on their faces, smothering themselves slowly like the cdc told them too. Also, those that are eagerly lining up to get the horrid vaccine.

  2. This is really bad reporting. Clickbait and sensational. No mention of where this is. The quotes sound illiterate. The pictures seem to show bags with bodies inside and do not match the apparent story. I’m embarrassed for Dark Outpost. This kind of thing ruins the credibility of this site for me.

  3. The jab is an IQ test. Sars cov2 doesn’t exist. For any of this to be real, you have to accept a) 4000 strains of flu disappeared, b) it’s possible to have 60 million positive swabs without 12 molecules for the scientific community to isolate. They’re calling ALL flu cases something else, and the Rockefeller run AMA,WHO and CDC are in on it together. Check the census deaths, and flu case/death stats for the last hundred years and see for yourself.

  4. We have ALWAYS had millions of bags, meds, supplies…ready in every city. Whats wrong you?

    1st Responder

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