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In tonight’s visit with Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta, we continue our conversation on the hidden books of the Bible with a discussion on The Book of Thomas, and the Book of Q. Is the book of Q the true origin of Christianity? Was it written by extraterrestrials? Is it really Jesus uncensored and in his own words? Is the Book of Q the basis for QAnon? Was Thomas Jesus’ twin brother? Why were believers in Christianity without authority considered heretics? Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch the full show at and enter to win a copy of “The Book of Q”!

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  1. Inre: the word twin. In the Book of Adam Adam and Eve chose Cain’s “twin” to be his mate. They also chose Abel’s “twin” to be his mate. Cain wanted the choice for Abel to be his mate. That’s where the jealousy began. The twin concept is incest and against God’s laws. A better translation would be ‘bornat the same time, the same age’.

  2. This was a headline on Cirsten W site for one of her shows….I hope David is still alive……”Assassination Attempts by the CCP on President Xi and David Zublick”….what has David gotten himself into….stay safe!

  3. Cain’s “twin” was Abel. But Cain slew Abel. Some say Cain was the seed of Satin, and Abel was the seed of Adam, so were un-identical twins. Because he was the seed of Satin, he was the beginning of the cannonites, the Phoenicians… the 13 families, all psychopaths, that we have today, running our globe. Probably passed on by one of the extended family members who got onto the arc with Noah.

    • Abel was not Cains twin his sister Awan was. Abels didnt have a wife because Cain had killed him. Then Adam and Eve had Seth, God replacement of Abel. And Seths wife was his twin sister Azura.

      Jubaliees IV. 1-12

      Cain and Abel (iv. 1-12; cf. Gen. iv.).

      IV. And in the third week in the second jubilee 64-70 A.M.she gave birth to Cain, and in the fourth she gave birth 71-77 Abel, and in the fifth she gave birth to her daughter 78-84 A.M.’Âwân. 3 2. And in the first (year) of the third jubilee, 99-105 A.M.Cain slew Abel because (God) accepted the sacrifice of Abel, and did not accept the offering of Cain. 3. And he slew him in the field: and his blood cried from the ground to heaven, complaining because he had slain him. 4 4. And the Lord reproved Cain because of Abel, because he had slain him, and he made him a fugitive on the earth because of the blood of his brother, and he cursed him upon the earth. 5

      5. And on this account it is written on the heavenly tables, “Cursed is he who smiteth his neighbour treacherously, and let all who have seen and heard say, So be it; and the man who hath seen and not declared (it), let him be accursed as the other.” 6. And for this reason we announce when we come before the Lord our God all the sin which is committed in heaven and on earth, and in light and in darkness, and everywhere. 7. And Adam and his wife mourned for Abel four weeks of years, and in the fourth year (99-127) 130 A.M.of the fifth week they became joyful, and Adam knew

      p. 52

      his wife again, and she bare him a son, and he 1 called his name Seth; for he said “God hath raised up a second seed unto us on the earth instead of Abel; for Cain slew him.” 2 8. And in the sixth week he 134-140 A.M.begat his daughter ’Azûrâ. 9. And Cain took ’Âwân his sister to be his wife and she bare him Enoch 3 at 190-196 A.M.the close of the fourth jubilee. And in the first year of the first week of the fifth jubilee, houses were built 197 A.M.on the earth, and Cain built a city, and called its name after the name of his son Enoch. 10. And Adam knew Eve his wife and she bare yet nine sons. 4 225-231 A.M.11. And in the fifth week of the fifth jubilee Seth took ’Azûrâ his sister to be his wife, and in the fourth 235 A.M.(year of the sixth week) she bare him Enos. 5 12. He 6 began to call on the name of the Lord on the earth

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