The Anunnaki Creation Story: The Biggest Secret In Human History

445 000 years ago, “creator gods” – as they call it – came to Earth. They were called the Anunnaki, which means “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”.

These beings inhabited a distant orbiting planet called Nibiru, which only entered our solar system every 3,600 years.

They describe Nibiru as many times the diameter of Earth, and abundant with iron oxide, making its rivers and lakes appear red.

A side note about Nibiru: according to the Sumerian tablets, Nibiru’s atmosphere began to deteriorate and became a hostile place for life, and in order to restore it, the Annunaki needed one important element for their atmosphere: gold.

Amazing Discovery: The Oldest Metropolis On Earth Was Built by the Anunnaki as a Gold Mining Settlement

Watch the mini documentary below:

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