Strange Celestial Noises Heard All Over The World During Lockdown. Do They Herald Events To Come?

(Natural News) Mysterious sounds coming from the sky were recorded in places such as the U.S., Mexico, Slovakia, Italy, Brazil and Argentina, intriguing many people who appear to have heard different noises on different dates.

Most of the recordings coincided with the lockdown, so the sounds could have been present before but only caught the attention of many people due to the quieter surroundings. But some people were not convinced, surmising that the noises foreshadow the apocalypse.

Weird noises from the sky – an omen?

Nature is known to produce noises, from a thunder rumbling to wind rustling. Nature’s ambient sounds are particularly heard at night, where they travel longer distances than in the day.

But many people were calling the sounds emanating from the sky as the celestial trumpets of the apocalypse. A witness from Bratislava, Slovakia described the sounds occurring in early April as “Darth Vader breathing,” while May 2 recordings from Colorado were more of a sharp whistle.

In early April, vibrations from the sounds were enough to trigger car alarms in the city Mérida in Mexico. Furthermore, audio recordings resemble engine noises even though factories have been silent due to either the holidays or the coronavirus.

San Francisco also experienced a “permanent, creepy” sound in June, which is said to be reminiscent of blaring trumpets.

However, the noises in these locations are likely not new at all. Several similar reports were also made in the past. And it’s also possible that an individual’s report of “new” sounds snowballed and made other people listen out and notice the noises as well.

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