Professional Athlete: Hollywood Pedophiles Are Real, Drink Adrenochrome

Boxer David Rodriguez usually fights in the band. But lately, the martial artist came out to provide his 2 cents on Hollywood pedophilia rings.

Assuming you are not aware, an increasing number of is coming out that reveals there’s a major issue in Hollywood, and anywhere else. The viral documentary, Out of Shadows sheds lighting on just how bad things are actually.

by Marco De Francis, visitor writer

Rodriguez states he’s connections in Hollywood and will verify that there’s an enormous kid abuse issue that’s been going on for many years.

Heavyweight Boxer, David Rodriguez, Says Hollywood Pedos Actually are Real And’ actually Drink Adrenochrome’

Though the great news is actually there is a sting operation trying to have it all down. And any day today, news of most of this is going to hit the presses, based on Rodriguez.

Within the video below, Rodriguez directs the world what he understands.

He claims that there are actually pedophile rings currently being taken down. That there are actually kids sacrifices where folks in fact drink adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is a drug produced from tortured individuals, typically kids.

In case you believe that is all ridiculous bull have you noticed that?


How about this adrenochrome patent. Or perhaps the one.

Rumor has it, best pedophile rings as well as human trafficking facilities, pick the drug from tortured kids.

Rodriguez says he understands folks in Hollywood and states it’s genuine. Perhaps Barack Obama’s brother printer hl2270dw has published about this on twitter.

Malik Obama?
ObamaMalik On top of all the that…THIS!?

3,045 folks are actually speaking about this But before you decide to go grab the bottle of yours of Bourbon to drown at bay the tears of yours, which happens to be a very standard reaction, you need to recognize that people that are good are actually doing a thing about it.

Rodriguez says I gotta inform you, a great deal of you do not love Trump though he is doing the best thing right now.

Rodriguez is not the only one that believes that.

Have you ever read of QAnon? This’s the alleged optimistic military operation which is actually taking down the full state.

And frankly, after dumping through a huge number of Q posts & proofs, I feel it actually is what it promises to be.

Check out this Q evidence video clip, and in case you’ve proof that disproves it, make sure you write about it with me. Since I could not disprove any kind of of it.

Should we trust Rodriguez?

I do not understand.

He is simply speaking into the fujifilm finepix a303 in an off-the-cuff approach. Though the testimony of his may result in an investigation. Or perhaps, at the very least it must, in case you ask me.

I will not theorize way too significant about what he means with all he says.

But in case you put the testimony of his to the dozens of specifics, including Allison Mack’s participation for NXIVM, Harvey Weinstein’s conviction, as well as Jeffrey Epstein’s murder ahem – excuse me – suicide, next it is beginning to are like there actually is a tremendous pedophile network about high profile individuals.

And based on the documentary Rodriguez speaks regarding, Out of Shadows, other officials and the CIA are definitely covering up institutional kid abuse.

Here is the video clip of Rodriguez. Below the video, is actually the entire unedited transcript.

Transcript of Video (unedited)


As you all know I have been engaged in boxing and becoming a pro athlete for a quite a while.

And um.. I have created several connections.. I have created several effective connections with mma fighters, UFC figures, expert fighters.

I have been in this arena, where

I rub shoulders with several big names. You know. I have existed Tony Robbins.

I have been about, you know I have absent out there with like Opera.

I have gone out with a great deal of people that are big. And had.. you understand been in a position to meet a great deal of people that are big as well as talk to them like I am speaking to you all.

I just need to point out one thing. And I understand a great deal of you’re doubting that. But this’s the truth, male.

There’s a huge sting performance going down. It is happening, and I am telling you male

These pedophile rings are now being taken down. It is ahh Hollywood ain’t awesome any longer.

Hollywood is actually going down. And I still speak to the sources of mine. I still speak to folks.

Which are required and

Pay attention.

There’s a huge operation going down. And they are And they are getting taken out. And everyday is actually confirmation to me.

It is an It is a secretive thing.

Though I believe it is likely to come out.

They are saying it is likely to turn out on the press um when it is all said as well as done.

And I think what is going to happen is actually going to truly shock a great deal of you.

I mean a great deal of you’re gonna kinda comb this off & be similar to, I always knew it was there. Though I do not believe you realize just how common this pedophile rings truly are in Hollywood.

And also within um In the sports activities arenas.. And in Hollywood And for political arena I mean almost everywhere male. It is awful.

And It is ahh It’s man trafficking. You discover And sex trafficking is actually probably the hottest thing, probably the biggest commodity right now.

And I think um Once that all is released to the surface area a great deal of you’re likely to be disgusted & and feel extremely dirty for perhaps knowing the info.


I gotta inform you, a great deal of you do not love Trump though he is doing the best thing right now.

This guy is actually uh spearheading this entire thing it is an impressive thing to watch. They are moving following the cartels with man trafficking. They are going after the kid pedophilia rings All these highways lead to Clinton Foundation as well as Haiti. They lead to

I am trying not to hand out a lot of info but um

Jeffrey Epstein you understand, everyone knows he did not kill himself.

Um Harvey Weinstein is actually dropping substantial quantities of info.

Ah There is a lot going on right this moment. And it is gon na come to the surface area. And you all are planning to see that. And you all are actually going to experience something happen that is just absolutely amazing.

We have to protect the children of ours, male.

We are just You know

Corey Haim [Should be Corey Feldman] is actually approaching available with documentaries. These individuals are wanting to leak info. Though it is all likely to come out at the proper time.

And ah like I stated Hollywood is actually going down.

It is fucking going down! It is sinking as the Titanic.

And they are all attempting to bail themselves out there. And they are all attempting to jump ship. And several of probably the biggest celebrities that you understand were involved with this specific shit.

And I am not going to disclose any names But um I’ve friends that are I am gonna just say it I am not bragging or maybe anything that way.

Though I’ve friend are actually A list celebrities that are actually people that are good and they shed a number of names to me I was as whoa! I can’t think that.

I mean I cannot You think You cannot realize that you will find kids sacrifices where folks in fact drink adrenochrome. Where they terrify the kid very much And this’s tough to swallow

This’s difficult to even grasp though it is a real ancient ritual to terrify primarily kids, because they are a lot more clean, they are adrenal glands are more clean terrorize them to the stage where they are very afraid and they are pumping out very much adrenaline and they are and so terrified.

And you eventually eliminate them and you consume the blood of theirs and it as the supreme aphrodisiac, it is as the water fountain of youth. It rebuilds collagen. And it And it ahh.. does many sorts of ahh enhancements because of the body.

It is a sick. It is a sick, sick, sick, ill, ritual ceremonies. And today they bottle it up as well as promote it within the vials. And folks purchase that shit. It is a drug.

And in case you see You know I have looked at before and subsequent to pics of several of these celebrities that were on adrenochrome, allegedly, and next off and it looks as they aged 20 to 30 years in a question of a month.

This shits real. And I do not care whether ya’ll telephone call me looney, a conspiracy theorist. I am not.

I understand others in that company that that ahh are actually verifying to me what I realize. And this’s an operation moving down. And I cannot wait to notice these dominos fall male these parts of shit get removed, trigger it is time.

And I feel I actually do think, on a religious level, it is a question of a mass awakening taking place at this time.

I think our earth is actually going through a worldwide shift of consciousness to the place we’re all waking up and discovering the simple fact of what what actually is this matrix what’s actually going on in this particular truth.

And I believe that um that we are likely to haver to cope with a great deal of great and a great deal a large amount of ugly. And bring about you gotta have both.

You gotta understand the dark side as well as the good side. And I think the deep side is actually likely to reveal itself. And you all are actually likely to be extremely very um bothered by that. And disgusted.

I mean, in case are actually In case you’ve some sort of effective grain left in you or perhaps some great of a morality, you are gonna be disgusted with everything you see.

Ahh You know I am sitting back patiently with this particular quarantine kinda knowing this info kinda like, impress this shit is actually going down.

I everyone knows the economy isn’t going to actually be the exact same. I do not understand what is going to take place there. There’ s rumors serotonin to a gold backed dollar.

And eliminating the Fed. I cannot I cannot validate any of this Though I can I feel comfortable enough I do understand the pedophile rings are actually going down.

And we’ve ships in the Caribbean at this time intercepting medications.

Trump has sent large battleships out they are fighting the cartels. I mean This’s going down.

Now I believe that the virus [Coronavirus] was a worldwide episode by way of a it would have been a bioweapon. I do think that.

I believe the virus does are available but never to the level they say it’s. I think Fucking everybody is actually dying of this coronavirus but wig ahh.. breaking down of various other ailments and then they are thinking it is the coronavirus. I do not realize I am skeptipal skeptical about everything that.

Though I do know Hollywood is actually going down today. And I just needed to say the little piece of mine.

There’s a silver lining within this within this particular quarantine and in this particular lockdown. And I feel all of us simply have to be patient to find out what surfaces. And it’s going to um

There’s a documentary online which came out that a good friend sent me called From the Shadows [From Shadows] It is possibly in the shadows of from shadows. But I’ve to check out. I believe it is out the shadows. And it is on YouTube I ahh.. I will check it out.

Um it is actually good. Goes in level about this material. And um You are gonna to simply find out how disturbing and just how ill these fucking individuals are actually.

Um Ahh You learn Sigh

You understand, right now everybody just stay diligent. You know Keep your sessions simple.

It is an exciting moment to be alive in the opinion of mine. I believe this’s an extremely exciting moment to be alive. Though I think a great deal of earth shattering breakthroughs are actually likely to be occurring.

You know I believe the path where going is actually like for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. And I believe we are going to begin coming into a great deal of ahh ahh preventive medication, remedies organic ahh You know treatments as well as um remedies for diseases.

And I believe we are going to have a lot of breakthroughs today is such an exciting moment to be alive. So that is the positive note of mine on it.

And I believe many of us have to um pay attention.. you understand I am learning how you can mediate now. I am praying each day. I am staring to you realize I never ever used to do that within boxing.

I was constantly go go go go go locomotive locomotive train locomotive battle strong guy. And now Im beginning to sit just and back you know as enjoy the view as look at the perspective You know like That is all of Mexico above there. All of Mexico. All right there.

I am simply enjoying going out edge. I am enjoying being with the family of mine. I am truly keeping it simple. And simply quite ahh down to earth male

Though I am telling you what is happening today is a really very exciting time.

So pay attention. Keep the ears of yours to the ground. And understand that things that are big are happening. And I am I am convinced on that.

Um yeah what it is in no way going to be the exact same. I think the same as when the web came out it altered humanity. It altered consciousness for you understand humanity’s consciousness. It was a change the internet.

There is pre internet and then there is each technology was moving somewhat.. it had been moving slower all through time, for a huge number of years. But as soon as the web struck boom, it was as an explosion of technological breakthroughs and information and ingenuity and inventiveness, directly after the web.

I believe that was a change in the planet, right. I was a change a change in consciousness.

I believe the exact same thing is taking place today with this worldwide shutdown um the economy actually being wrecked. I believe it is going to permanently shift the consciousness of ours. And we are moving into a more religious way of being in case you chose the route in case you chose the route.

And I believe it is really important that um we concentrate on the great things. We we go inside. And um actually pay attention to ourselves as well as what we really want in daily life and be a lot more innovative.

Anyway that is my 2 cents.

Thank you just about all for tuning wearing. Um I just needed to provide my 2 cents, that is it.

Thank you all. You’ve a great day. I am hoping you love the day. Go for a stroll. Go for an operate.

Um Looking at all of the folks asking questions I cannot read lead to the sun’s in the face of mine a little bit. But yeah it is a paradigm change, Sonya. It is a paradigm shift.

And so huge things happening. And I feel we simply gotta be patient.

I like you guys male. Take it easy.

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