News Website Reports Netflix CEO Arrested On Possession Of Child Pornography, Deletes It, Reposts It

A website calling itself Toronto Today, is reporting that the CEO of Netflix has been arrested on possession of child pornography. The article was originally posted early on Saturday, September 12, 2020, then quickly taken down.

The website became in accessible for several hours, due to the flood of readers attempting to access the article to see if it was accurate. Later that evening, the website appeared to be back up and running, without the story available on the website homepage. However, clicking the link to the original article, the story has reappeared under the category of “conspiracy files”.

Here is the original article as it appeared on the website.

Netflix CEO gets BUSTED with 13,000 files of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

The CEO of a Netflix – Reed Hastings – has been caught by FBI agents with 13,000 files of child pornography. He was arrested at his home in California.

He is facing 11 charges related to the seizure of more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography on his computer and various removable storage units.

Police first investigated child pornography when they were alerted to an internet provider address that was sharing child pornography using a peer-to-peer file-sharing program.

The first file, according to documents, was a compilation video of prepubescent girls under 8, some as young as toddlers, being raped.

Investigators obtained a search warrant and the Internet Crimes Against Children task force, known as ICAC, helped execute the search.

According to documents, child sex abuse imagery involving toddlers and prepubescent children was found on a laptop, a black computer, an SSD storage device and an SD card. The children were bound and raped. Police also found “disturbing videos of Reed Hastings engaged in forced sexual intercourse with several unconscious women” on the seized devices.

They also said they found a clandestine drug lab in a downstairs bedroom closet and called the Los Angeles Fire Department and hazmat team to make sure the chemical lab was not a public safety hazard.

This comes after the release of “Cuties”, considered by many to be its own form of Child Pornography.

After the original article was reposted, an update was included which read:


Ted Cruz has called out Netflix’s controversial new movie, described by many politicians as “child pornography”. Cruz went as far as sending a letter to the Justice Department to see if any other executives “violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography”.

While independent “fact-checkers” are busy obsessing over Toronto Today, they are doing nothing to stop the spread of disinformationfrom those who wish to defend the graphic images and videos from the movie “Cuties”. 

Even Netflix doubled down, stating, Cuties is a “social commentary against the sexualization of young children.” However, anyone unfortunate enough to scroll past one of the trailers on Twitter will likely have a different opinion.

Even Ben Shapiro, a more moderate conservative, has referred to the release of the movie, and Netflix’s stance on the film as “sickening”. It is likely more Republican politicians in the US will push for additional charges against the executives at Netflix.


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We at Dark Outpost have not been able to determine if this article in Toronto Today is accurate. There is nothing on their website however, to indicate that this article is satire.