Mental Illness Or Demonic Possession?

Psychologist Zi Paris has worked with many patients in his practice, and has discovered that in some cases, mental illness may not be the correct diagnosis. Some of his patients are possessed by demons. And he has added exorcisms to his treatment options. He’ll discuss it. Plus…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues her series on the banned books of the Bible. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Do demons exist? Does demonic possession exist?
    Yes and no ! If you mean with demon another entity, totally different from our entity, then ´no´.
    If you mean with demon a person without body, a person, who has lived here and is “dead” now, busy f.i. with revange, then yes. The reason, why the possessor, the demon, sitting invisibly in the neck of his victim, is following and attacking the victim, is often unknown to the victim. It can be that a person 2, killed by a person 1, f.i. in war time, is attacking a child or even grandchild of person 1. Bloodrevange. A person 2 can only attack a living person as demon, if the living person has a (healed) wound in his brain. After an accident, a fall on the head. If person 1, the killing person, has such a wound, the killed person is attacking him as demon, seeking revange. If not, the demon is looking around to find one of his children or grandchildren with a brain wound, is attaching there, spoiling the life of his victim and indirectly hitting person 1 also.
    A demon can be active, lurking for revange, 50 years or longer.

    Death does not exist. Live is going on. Fight is going on. Also fight between killing and killed person.

    Only when the fight is over, a demon stops to hang around here and goes into another live, with new body (reincarnation) and new identity, on this planet or on another planet in the cosmos.

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