Demon Lands On Vatican Roof

Hundreds of people witnessed what appears to be a demon landing on the roof of the Vatican and then flying off. An expert presents evidence that extraterrestrials are fallen angels abducting humans. We will also have an update on Jessie Czebotar. Peter Kirby and Ginny Silcox begin a 10-part series on the devastating effects of chemtrails and weather modification and who is behind it. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. That little vid was shown a 2 year or so ago, and was proven to be badly made with shadows in wrong places, I’m sure others have seen this before.

  2. That was not the Vatican. Another church in Italy is more probable. The church was destroyed from within by the Masons in Vatican II.

  3. Read the book of revelation. And as far as these aliens go yes they most definitely could be the fallen angels we are 1/3 of the angels and stars fell from the sky‘s and the soldiers they saw could be clones

    • It says that my email had been already submitted however it was not my email accounts my bank accounts everything that I have has been hacked for over 4 1/2 years now by three different people I have reported them to every agency I can find so I’m being tracked

  4. I saw how they created this, and as real as it seems to look…along with the validity of the evil exposed in our world today, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was, in fact, a demon. However, from what I have looked into, this is computer generated.

    • Yes, it certainly is. Christians, hopefully know we are not to look for Jesus because we will be really caught up, instantly, no need to look for Jesus.

  5. Vatican? Or Granada Nicaraqua Cathedral? Hear Spanish, but different dialect.

  6. Remember two things, David, Satan is not only called the prince of the power of the air, but he also disguises himself as an angel of light. I believe that both “good” and “bad” extraterrestrials are demonic. It is part of the great deception. They know that Jesus Christ is the one and only son of the living God but they will not admit it.


    • unfortunately, it wasn’t even shot in Rome, but in Nicaragua and linked to a video production company

  8. Please correct this if you can. That is not the Vatican Church its a Cathedral Church in Nicaragua. JJPJ the ones who made the video are a video production company that makes effects like that in the video. Confusing none the less. Love your site , keep up the good work

  9. Boy do we need real journalism , ya know those who take time to do real research instead of putting crap out there to snag viewers just to make money , shame on those who do such .

  10. Come on now, do a show on big Foot, Not some fake demon thing. shoot you didn’t even have one single Godzilla reference.

  11. I really like what you do but when you post stuff like this that is not even in Rome and has been proven to be a fake video production, why not take it down?

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