Millions Of Earth’s Creatures Suddenly Moving In Circles!+

Monica B. discussed Balenciaga and their creepy pedophilia ad campaign., Tania Joy Gibson weighed in on a transgender woman winning a Miss America Beauty pageant. Suzy Q. talked about the weird phenomenon of earth’s creatures suddenly moving in a circular motion all around the world. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Like the Islamic Kaaba-mysterious black stone at centre of Grand Mosque-Mecca where those on pilgrimage parade around its perimeter!
    Strange spin apparently seen in vaccinated persons around the world. I believe David Icke and the bespectacled Australian fellow (on BIN), who looks like the British actor Michael Palin, and is now, apparently living in Mexico have each reported a mysterious spin, as a possible negative effect of the vax. ??? Strange apparent disorientation, followed by a frozen catatonic posture, then head turn, and finally a slow spin and collapse. Strange.

  2. I believe that it could be possible that some animals and insects in certain areas could be affected by the 5G roll out. It is slowly being turned on here and there. And they can adjust the frequency. Remember the dog whistle that humans could barely hear but drove dogs batty. That’s not frequency but their hearing and inner ear are different. I have also read that a fire station had to move because the employees were getting sick when it was turned on. I believe absolutely certain very high frequencies have an effect on the brain and central nervous system and possibly the beat of the heart.

    • 5G means the “Fifth Generation” of electronic communication.

      The intensity of the transmission signal can be altered depending on application from ambient or “diffused” such as broadcast radio waves or diffusion such seen as room filling incandescent lighting (invisible); to directed energy high intensity 1 mm oscillation.

      A microwave oven produces oscillations or “snake-like” undulations (up and down) -upper peak to lower peak – equivalent to the H2O (Dihydrogen oxide) molecule or WATER.

      a 1 mm signal can be with pin point precision directed SPECIFICALLY AT INDIVIDUAL TARGETS. Take a youngster’s water pistol toy and a child playfully straying a friend on a hot summer day. The current or flow can be directed right at his buddy. A diffused lawn sprinkler, however, can spray a dispersed ambient flow affecting nothing specifically, but an entire area. That is the difference between regular broadcast and the potential of the new 5G network broadcast towers; which does not “throw-out” in a wide field, but could be narrow, sharp and directed.

      1 mm is large, look at a ruler and see what 1 mm looks like. This means that the energy wave as it pulses toward its target is as wide as 1 mm.

      DO WE NEED THESE SYSTEMS FOR COMMUNICATION? NO. It can be used as a communication devise, but it would appear its design and implementation is for other more potentially sinister and nefarious reasons. This is so…BECAUSE it can also be used to to TRACK, MONITOR, and if needed, IDENTIFY and KILL. 5G is, potentially, an instrument of OBEDIENCE and PUNISHMENT.

      Max Igan (on BIN – “Before Its News) just talked about 5G — MAX IGAN – entitled:


      The 5G system is intended to vibrate your DNA and cause resonance with the electrically conductive and signal producing graphene oxide inside the killer Covid-19 jabs. Covid jabs are intended to be a delivery system which apparently was intended to alter a person’s DNA; but also intended to deliver a carbon graphene “payload” which the host body creates inside itself. YIKES! IT grows inside the host like Jiffy Pop – pop corn on stove top pushing the aluminum foil cover outward and upward… producing a microscopic human/ biological electrically conductive carbon antenna network.

      WIRELESS COMMUNICATION–only the host creates his own antenna! The experiment it seems is about allowing human biology to create inside the host body an antenna network sensitive to 5G! 5G may cause viruses dormant in the body of host to become active, or create symptoms similar to flu or other viral infection!

      I think the potential to use these systems for nefarious purposes is real. We are at war! Someone or something is trying to kill us through jabs, and now potentially dangerous high intensity weapons! My theory is the Jesuits. Others of course say the Jews. Suffice it to say governments may use this to reduce and cull the population.

      Nothing god about 5G in my opinion.

      • The book: “Technocracy Rising” by Patrick Wood describes a technocratic superstate of the world, as a wet dream of crazy people coming to fruition, since the 1930’s, where EXPERTS run everything; where everything is tracked, monitored, and measured. A Totalitarian System.

        Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum, who is an engineer by education and his quote: “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY”, is an insane technocratic EXPERT who does not know what he talks about. They say the world can be run, studied, monitored, adjusted, improved, made more efficient, and thoroughly sexed-with… just as a General Motors SAE engineer has a V-8 Oldsmobile “Rocket 88 Motor” on the dynamometer, …. watching, measuring, tinkering, adjusting, and yes correcting…
        A definition of Technocracy:

        Technocracy is a form of government in which the decision-maker or makers are selected based on their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. This system explicitly contrasts with representative democracy, the notion that elected representatives should be the primary decision-makers in government.

        My opinion, the real hidden power behind ALL of this is the Jesuits…they know that when this FAILS, it will bring about hopeless despair and a much desired “New Dark Ages”. But wait, there is the new AND IMPROVED RELIGIONS SYSTEM WITH “Big Brother” God in all aspects of your life. Sounds like love.. or maybe not.

        • When Dorothy and her friends in the “Wizard of Oz” finally get to the Dark Castle, naturally, they are… and had been along the long journey terrified, hearing that ominous John Facende “Voice of God” and that Dark Castle at the terminus of the Yellow Brick Road. When they finally meet the “Big Cheese” he is what Mr. Lombardi would call “a buffone” or buffoon. Oz seems confused and overwhelmed with his tasks, adjusting and tinkering and not at all the “GOD” they believed him to be. One person behind the curtain watching and adjusting the VDO and Smith Lucas gauges and levers, whirling belts and pulleys. A puppet master. Not anyone who could solve human problems if Oz really cared to do so.

          That is a perfect metaphor of an Engineering Technocrat in action, and his madness inspired genius to conquer and control the world! The Jesuits have “faith” in this madness, because it will drive the entire world away from mad scientists of today..right into the safety and protection and “loving” hands of total control under God!

          That’s what the Jesuits want. If Dr. Fauci could break his silence concerning his 4th level oath he would no doubt say just that.

          • Recent article on “Before It’s News-People Powered News (BIN)

            “Martin Armstrong: The Great Reset Will FAIL & Every Government Will Collapse by 2032″…. seems to suggest that I am correct. World war, he says by 2025, lasting three (3) or more years, and wholesale change of EVERY government in the world within 10 years! Chaotic upheaval worldwide. The psychological war, however, is underway right now. He appears to be a part of it A kinetic war is what he may mean.

            Mr. Armstrong is credible. He is an author with books on Amazon and is a good presenter. Strange presenters such as Juan O Savin (107), SG Anon are never seen … only heard. 107 is the most glib and vain, and at times garrulous pair of cowboy boots in the world. The “Menacing Husky” seems to be in rare form lately, all laughing and smiling (I guess). One would think this catatonic canine would show his face to make his presentation real. Each of these “Delphic Oracles” in Guy Fawkes mask suggest a farcical undercover plausible deniability–(you did not hear it from the heard it from the husky) mentality or style. He is actually JKF Jr. RIGHT? WRONG! This is all such bullshit. At least there presentations are insincere. Perhaps sincere propaganda.

            All of these presenters point in the direction of an effort to direct world economies to a final collective acceptance of a single authoritative form or source. He says that Mr. Schwab is an academic, and so does not know that these type of governmental structure will FAIL. I think that may be true. Armstrong says that Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Form (WEF) was modeled after his own in 1987. I thought WEF was founded in 1971? Whatever. He thinks that Schwab will be able to manage this new technotronic economy.

            I disagree. I think Mr. Schwab is also a psyop and farce to get inside of the real world-wide cabal and agenda of the New World Order. I think in Casey Jones style he has ordered the train FULL SPEED AHEAD–prematurely to detail these plains.

            It still is a plan of the JESUITS to assume world wide control as described above. I find it amazing that only a few know that the real power behind these movers and shakers is the revived Roman Catholic Church. Or could it be, that they present these ideas as COVER for this agenda? How many Jesuits are playing the game today..including Klaus Schwab? They are ALL Jesuit trained.

            Of all of the crazy theories as presented by talking dogs or talking boots.. ALL fail to suggest the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits. ALL Does that not seem strange? It does to me. How could it be that they ALL miss the elephant in the room? As Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Bill Hughes has eloquently stated….”They are ALL AGENTS OF ROME..ALL”

            Klaus Schwab as agent of Rome? Why now could be. When the Swiss get ready, he will be “out on his ear” like Norman Fell talking to his tenant buddy John Ritter in an episode of “Three’s Company”..I guarantee it.

            The Brunson Brothers and their lawsuit being heard by the Supreme Court seems hopeful.

  3. ..sorry about my typos and some syntax.. I have no editor and am human, imperfect as I am with 23 pairs of chromosomes.. and intend to keep it that way. Sincere American trying to help.

  4. re.: Brunson Supreme Court Case–2020 Election and Electoral College:

    > Think of it this way. Senator Ted Cruz (TX) called “time out” during the action, of a football game to ice a kicker attempting a field goal. The team had time outs to spend. The time out was LEGALLY AND CLEARLY made, yet the action was NOT stopped! The kick was made, the points counted in violation of rules (laws) and game was called OVER.

    Clearly a procedural problem, only the Electoral College certification of the 2020 Election, was NOT THE ACTION OF A GAME! It was the illegal action of treason and war against the American Republic!

  5. Klaus Schwab has installed Lucas electric gauges and lighting at the World Economic Forum (WEF) and will BRING FORTH A GLORIOUS NEW DARK AGES!!! Amen.

  6. Before It’s News

    “Situation Update: Special Operations Teams Taking Out NWO Globalists In Switzerland! Four Hour Window For The Military! Food Shortages Are Real – We The People News”

    Is this real? Maybe it is..if so, it is because the Swiss government wants it to happen. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum is not representing the Swiss government, nor is King Charles III.

    The big lie has been fomenting by the JESUITS of course, that the Swiss have buried, the vast mythical treasure of the Knights Templar, and are waiting for the right moment to claim their prize; haul it off and take it to Jerusalem!

    Somehow, however, during two (2) previous World Wars, and swarms of Germans and let us not forget American troops and CIA’s Allen Dulles … and no intervention to force a hostile claim?

    The Pope, according to Pastor Bill Hughes is the Universal Monarch of the World. He owns in his thinking… everything, everyone, every drop of water in lake Michigan, every German Mercedes-Benz car ever made. Every bird in the sky and fish in the sea. He owns every rock on the Moon! Why yes! Hence the planting of the Masonic Flag (controlled by the Jesuits) on the Moon in 1969 by Aldrin to claim the Moon for the Papacy and Jesuits!

    The Jesuits were formally expelled from Switzerland (according to Eric Jon Phelps) in 1846. Klaus Schwab’s involvement in such a group as the Jesuits, and if especially a threat to Switzerland, would not be welcome and likely lead to an eviction as tenant from his ratified Swiss Alpine pad.

    In my honest opinion all of the craziness about Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group is a bad optic for the Swiss who do not need this. No matter, however.. The Swiss have been around a long time, they know what is happening. They are fully aware of who is friendly and who are not. Let’s not forget the Swiss have been intimately connected with the Vatican as Papal guards for CENTURIES!

    It should be wise for Americans to understand that Switzerland is perhaps the oldest country in the world. Maybe only India is older. It is a convergence of ancient kingdoms. Switzerland is not a country of wide-open boarders. You had best have your passport ready and identify yourself and nature of business on Swiss territory when eating your chocolate and while winding your ROLEX watch.

    The Swiss are the Burgundians, or a Celtic people surviving as one of the remaining seven of 10 ancient peoples having existed after the break up of the Roman Empire.

    They are not British! They are not part of the British Empire!

    They have guns, they have tunnels, they have fighter planes, and of course they have CERN and they know how to use them!

    I hear that stupid song from the 1970’s which played on local popular radio with lyrics…”go ahead and hate your neighbor..go ahead and cheat a friend…do it in the name of can justify it in the end. There won’t be any TRUMPET blowing on judgement day…the bloody morning after…One tin soldier rides away… and so they killed the mountain people..

    One tin soldier

    Listen children to a story that was written long ago
    Bout a kingdom on a mountain and the valley down below
    On the mountain was a treasure buried deep beneath a stone
    And the valley people swore they’d have it for their very own
    Go ahead and hate your neighbor go ahead and cheat a friend
    Do it in the name of heaven you can justify it in the end
    There won’t be any trumpets blowing come the judgement day
    On the bloody morning after ooh ooh one tin soldier rides away
    So the people of the valley sent a message up the hill
    Asking for the buried treasure tons of gold for which they’d kill
    Come an answer from the kingdom with our brothers we will share
    All the secrets of our mountain all the riches buried there
    Now the valley cried with anger mount your horses draw your sword
    And they killed the mountain people so they won their just reward
    Now they stood beside the treasure and the mountain dark and red
    Turned the stone and looked beneath it Peace on Earth was all it said
    Go ahead and hate your neighbor…
    Go ahead and hate your neighbor…

    Sure even if vast sums of “Templar” gold exit dead and is as worthless as Detroit garbage in a land fill until its monetized and bought into circulation to make it flow… The greatest accounting record keepers in the world after the ancient Romans, are the Swiss.

    I place my money on my cousins the Swiss and not the lies.

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