Alien Interview…Real Or Faked?

In July of 2016 a five minute video was leaked which was alleged to show an interrogation between an extraterrestrial life form and a US military officer which was carried out in 1964 as part of Project Blue Book. Is it real? Two guests will weigh in. John Carman and Chris Wilson will give their views. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Carmen is an anti Semite as well as “former” spy. I don’t trust him. Why is he dissing on Trump? He isn’t pointing out that it was Trump who went undercover for Giuliani against the mob in New York. He hobnobbed with them too, but he was not a mobster.

  2. I am a 3d Animator, and I have produced many animations. This video throws up many flags as to it’s authenticity. It’s definitely a fake. Why? because there is a digital haze around the actual images and the alien. A kind of pixelization that you would normally see in a current 3d computer animation. Secondly, the voice over, and facial synching is slightly out of wack, and this can be seen by slowing the video to 1/10 speed and viewign in comparison with the voice over audio. Thirdly, there is issues with lighting, where the lighting is being produced, but the shadows are all wrong.

  3. Dude you all are a bunch of right wing fucking maniacs and Fauci’s bad the motherfucker has spent his life trying to help American citizens medically and he’s lying you don’t get a fucking job do something besides spread bullshit that you people are fucking spreading it’s ridiculous they’re going to arrest Fauci give me a fucking break why don’t they arrest Trump talking about Fauci has bodies on him what about 650,000 Americans that fucking Trump told there was no problem it’s gonna go away you know I wanted to see some information on this alien interrogation but instead I saw this ridiculous bullshit and this maniac that you have on here talking like he knows something about something you know I’m a vet and I love America too but I’m not about to disparage someone that is dedicated their life to trying to help people and the vaccine is not going to kill me or anyone else for that matter some people do have a bad reaction to the vaccine like every other vaccine that is calm down the pike you claim to be a patriot but it’s your patriotic duty to get the vaccine and help in this pandemic but you Trumper‘s don’t wanna do it this is no different than any other vaccine that’sBeen developed by American doctors and our government is not run by fucking pedophiles Jesus Christ when you people wake up are you listening to what you’re saying it’s fucking ridiculous

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