In Search Of Bigfoot

Not all of the cryptids encountered by witnesses are Sasquatch. But if not, what are they? Dr. Kimberly McGeorge gives insight into these elusive creatures. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta wraps up our discussion of the Book of Jubilee and provides more details on the mysterious cult that are Michael and Debi Pearl. Mel K talks news and politics. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Did the Chicago guest Kimberly say, ..”Every light bulb has a microphone & spy camera”..?

    Says who, Mr. Edison? Not the one that fell to the floor recently in my home.

    Oh wait, this is like Schrodinger’s Cat in the closed box right? The microphone and spy camera were in the light bulb, but disappeared when the glass broke?

    The German Mr. Freud may say this is a case of paranoid WTF.

  2. This lady seriousely needs Jesus.. It was sad to see demonic side got a hold of her… what i saw in her was that she didnt have peace.. Thats what happens when it isnt from our Lord Jesus.. But over all i enjoyed it just to watch David!! I love David Zublic!! God bless him!!!

  3. Oh and David thank you so much for all your super hard work revealing the horrific truth about the vac.. My whole family is safe due to you!! Got some ivermectin and all the vitamins that you mention 10000 times in your program..


    Suramin!!!! The pine needle tea!!!
    God bless you for telling us that too!!! So much so much thanks to you!!!

  4. This dr Kim is a loser/sicko as far as I am concerned 😧. Her father was right and she’s captured by the devil for sure. Why David keep inviting these kind of guests to discuss scriptures? That Jasse lady is great by she’s not a spiritual teacher, although she’s good on trafficking healing; also that guest talking about missing biblical contains also Not qualified to talk about the very important area, and she’s also involved in psych. David you’re losing it, I like your report but can’t stand these misleading comments on your show anymore!

    • While there is a lot of valid info coming through these guests, its twisted with the lies necessary to discredit the actual true info so no one listens to it any more and awareness of these crimes stops; and, to create the new narrative of there being no God, no Jesus. The enemy is tricky, he lures with the truth and weaves it with whatever lies necessary to keep you from believing anything other than what he is trying to create. Gather the fruit, leave the garbage behind. Feed the positive~!

  5. Because I have experienced, first hand, so many of the topics David brings to his platform, I can say there is a lot of factual information coming forward. This woman is sharing some factual info, most definitely. Here’s where you have to very careful with it all: the minute God and Jesus are discredited or become nonexistent is where the truth is being infused with the new narrative they’re trying to create. The enemy is the best liar there is and he knows exactly how to weave his web of lies to make people think God is not real, Jesus is not real. More and more people are actually falling for it which is why we see less and less His children in the world. Don’t ever let anyone convince you that there is no God and that Jesus isn’t real, THEY ARE BOTH VERY REAL! Feed the positive~!

    • The enemy uses credible truths to make his lies SEEM valid to convince as many as possible not to believe in God; AND, to stuff the truth that has been steadily flowing out to the masses back in the closet. The truth is crazier than fiction!

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