FBI: They’re Here!

The FBI has released a document detailing the existence of alien bodies, spacecrafts and other planets. John Carman weighs in. Plus…Someone once said that, after silence, music comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible. Singer/songwriter Billy Falcon’s music has a way of doing just that. As an artist uses color, Falcon uses words and music to convey life’s beauty and fragility, the joy, and the heartache, the disappointment, and always, the hope. Falcon enters the Inner Circle. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Watch-YouTube
    “Multiple Eyewitness Testimonies of Draco Reptilians”
    Cyntia Drayer (Phil Schneider’s wife)
    Phil Schneider, was the geologist commissioned by multiple agencies to assist in the tunneling, and drilling activities in the construction efforts of the vast underground facility below Denver Airport and other places. It is believed that his disclosure of what he has seen and experienced led to his murder!

    His wife clear states that he told her that he experienced discs which must have been underground in granite for millions of years! Evidence of natural quartz growing on the craft, attest to geological aging of the evidence. Invasion of aliens (demons), forget it. They have been here form the beginning of time, she said.

  2. David , so your guest said Clinton was not executed ? What is the truth ?

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