Aliens Or Demons?

Demonologist Nathaniel Gillis discusses whether aliens are demonic. Ginny Silcox explains electromagnetic radiation, 5G and why magnets are sticking to vaccinated people. Dr. James Fetzer on why the state of Connecticut is telling healthcare workers that the COVID vaccine is deadly. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. They are interdimensional demonic spirits they are not aliens. The beginings come from satan that fooled our government into thiking they were aliens and got us to give permission which they have to have to use us. They use us to create their entities. This all pretty much got going faster at the beginning of the industrial age. We let do it for technology, they will come sooner for the great deception that GOD uses to separate the saved from the unsaved.

  2. I really wish the lighting on David’s face would not be so blueish~purple. Why does he use this color lighting?
    He is the only one I watch that has an abnormal skin color. I can’t be the only one that has commented on it, because it makes him look sick…
    Get to natural skin color in your lighting!

    • Is he bluish? He don’t look bluish. But the Meanies are coming! The Meanies are coming!

      It’s funny, with the British accents I thought they were saying “the mayonnaise are coming!”

  3. I don’t know. In order to discern class and species, all one is essentially doing is picking out bells and whistles of each one. It’s like, what’s the difference between a Chinaman and a freight train? One says choo choo choo, and the other says noo noo noo. I just made that gag up for argument sake, but so shines the truth in the harshest of rays. Both these guys come at you hard, with different horns and calls.

    And speaking of Choo! Choo! Choo! We’ve got a fake alien invasion coming up next month, but it’s staged and double purposed. One as a wakeup jolt, and two to fool the enemy. Study up.

    There was a real one planned for 2018 but was thwarted. Salute the Federation.

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