AI 2030 And Simulated Reality!

Monica B. discussed PTSD and its effects on our soldiers.  Holly Phaon, Heather Day, Luis Miguel and Suzy Q talked AI and simulated reality. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Agenda 2030?

    Why 2030? What is the race toward completion of some major plans…that presumably MUST be completed by 2030? Is it because the the poison muffins finish baking on that precise date and must be served up to a woke and dumbed-down world? More poison soufflé misseur?…it’s piping hot! Seriously though,….. Why 2030?

    The year 2030 corresponds quite nicely with the foundations of the Jesuits. 2030 will CELEBRATE 500 YEARS OF IHS and its infiltration, manipulation of governments, religious groups, educational groups, and now medical and biological sciences in its hoped for final thrust to reign in the world; and make it smaller more manageable, ushering in a NEW DARK AGES.

    Why now…can you hear the sounds of: Kool and the Gang: “Celebration”?

    Still do not believe? Listen to or read-up on the works of these true Christians and brilliant researchers: Professor Walter Veith, Pastor Bill Hughes (Seventh Day Adventist), or Eric Jon Phelps (Author of: “Vatican Assassins”)

    Scientism or “The New Religion of Science” is detailed in the works of: Patrick Wood in his must read book: “Technocracy Rising.”

    • Klaus Schwab is being purposely contrived with masterful propaganda, and is being confused and conflated with the Swiss Government. Remember there is a Swiss Direct Election Representative Government. It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest democracy in the world. Is Schwab the Defacto President of Switzerland, or is he representative of the views of the citizens of Switzerland? No, he does not. Why is he there then? He has free speech rights and has presumably paid appropriate fees to have a gathering..much like Nazis making a staged event and parade through Skokie, Illinois in the 1970’s.

      Schwab is there to speak his ridiculous nonsense to frighten ignorant Americans, and not lead any Swiss policy. He is a designed distraction brought to the world, I contend by the Jesuits of Rome…. It is a look here at this, while the U.S. is being invaded at its Southern Boarder and much worse.. kind of proposition.

      (From Wikipedia)

      Jonas Furrer (3 March 1805 – 25 July 1861) was a Swiss lawyer and politician who served as member of the Federal Council, from 1848 to 1861, and as the first President of the Swiss Confederation from 1848 to 1849, and again in 1852, 1855 and 1858. He was one of the leading figures in the foundation of Switzerland as a federal state. He was a member of the Liberal Party.

      {FYI: A liberal economic policy is quite GOOD for a nation state..because it means that the nation’s affairs use a money system and currency backed by GOLD}

      >>>> Swiss Franc a bedrock currency and bellwether investment! <<<<



      I assure you all Swiss Parliamentarians have not suddenly become turn-coat traitors to their own government. They are keenly aware of the take-over of the Federal Government of the United States by COMMUNISTS (Jesuit Satanists) and their bankrupting thereof….

      The Swiss have been dealing with this bullshit since the time of the "REAL ROMANS". You know those buff soldiers with the comb sun helmets and the sandals? I guarantee the Swiss will survive, because they are a lot smarter…. and a lot tougher than the average bear. If it means a pact with China to remove a bully from the world stage, then so be it.

      Recent comments of viewers of recent video work from another Jesuit plant, Sarah Westall…: "Switzerland should be nuked" "Switzerland is the ancient headquarters of the reptilian race…and oh yeah its always been there" "Nothing will change until Switzerland becomes glass" Wow!…tough language from some very ignorant and frightened Americans.

      These are all distractions to keep eyes off the real problem…the take-over of the prized United States and the minds of its recently dumbed-down and ignorant citizens!


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