When Psychics Attack

A renowned Internet psychic counselor has launched unprecedented demonic attacks against members of the truther community. Two of this confirmed Reptilian shapeshifter’s victims are regular guests on the Dark Outpost, as well as having their own Internet broadcasts. These attacks have manifested themselves in physical injuries otherwise unexplainable, and horrific demonic appearances within the home of at least one of our guests. You will see shocking video and physical evidence. In this special broadcast, we will visit with the two Dark Outpost guests to whom this has happened, Brice Watson and Stephanie Schapp, and two other guests with expertise in fighting off these black magic attacks, Ellen Redd and Dr. Rita Louise. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Watching this episode now and I feel Brice and Stephanie are right on due to my own experiences. In my opinion Ellen nor Dr. Rita Liuise have had no personal experience of having been attacked energically therefore they can’t relate.

  2. Brice was being very close minded. Stephanie knows nothing. She is a hanger on. I agree more with the Doctor because that is what I have heard over and over – you are manifesting what happens to you. It is obvious Brice is emotionally drained and very affected by this. I watched the change in her and I love her, but they should agree to disagree. It just did not resonate with Ellen and that is ok.

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