The Vatican’s Secret Time Machine

The Chronovisor is said to be a device that gives the user the ability to see through time. Though the existence of the Chronovisor has never been proven, a 2002 book by Vatican priest Father François Brune says otherwise. According to Brune, the Chronovisor was developed by Father Pellegrino Ernetti, a Benedictine monk. Ernetti allegedly kept the device secret until the early 1960s when he confided in Brune and told him that 12 scientists, including famed physicist Enrico Fermi and former Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, helped him to build it. Is the Vatican in possession of this device? Chris Wilson will bring us the truth. Jessie Czebotar discusses Hollywood’s seedier side. Meghan Walsh and Penny Shepard continue to expose John Walsh’s possible complicity in the disappearance of Adam Walsh. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Watch this special FREE edition then sign up at for more great shows like this one!

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  1. The legend of the CIA project known as: “Looking Glass” is talked about by famous the Bob Lazar. It it the ability of science today to look into the past. A compelling video on: “Project Looking Glass” appeared on BIN some months ago.

    Two (2) episodes of the famous Star Trek, that again probably only David had seen live, suggest these technologies. Science fiction writers I believe must get inspiration and possibly incite from some “source” as a form of disclosure; rather than strictly from opium smoke dream states.

    “The City on the Edge of Forever” is a great episode which won the Hugo award for great science fiction featured Joan Collins, and a machine being known as: “Guardian of Forever”. It showed past events and timelines as they affect future events.

    “All out Yesterdays” is another entertaining episode about a fascination library with interdimentional technology that would allow a library patron to view through a portal or door into the distant past to diverse places in the Universe.

    Is it possible that the Vatican has such technology? If they do, it is a secret wanting to get out.

    The power and propaganda of the Catholic Church is real.

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