Anunnaki Are Here Now! Massive Government Cover-up

We are at a turning point where the government is continuing to use the false COVID-19 virus to keep us blind to the truth! A former Israeli space security chief has come out exposing that we have been in contact with aliens for years, and President Trump was ready to release this info to the public that there has been an ongoing contract between the leaders of the US and the Galactic Federation, that they may experiment on the American people! Professor Haim Eshed made this shocking claim several days ago! Read the full text here!

How long have they been here? Find out everything you need to know in the video below, be ready for the biggest disclosure!



  1. I’ve said it before; the Annunaki are nothing more than ancient nephilim hybrids! They are NOT aliens, space gods (elohim), judges of humankind, or even from outer space. They are from this dimension. They are evil and very keenly intelligent, enough so that their technology can deceive the smartest human mind into believing they are from outer space. They are, if anything, transdimensional beings, you may call them demonic, who are here and they are lying to us about their intentions!

    • YOU are 100% WRONG. The Bible says in Genesis 6 that the Nephilim were the OFFSPRING of the ELOHIM ….The Bene Ha Elohim-PLURAL meaning originally LOFTY ONES/ET’s…..who ARE the Anunnaki. I am a Hebrew Bible Scholar and Sumerian text scholar. YOU are not.

      • They are not the only lofty ones!

        You need to consider others that are definitely genuine aliens like the Gnostics.

        I find something not quite right about the Annunaki, especially Enlil.

      • ok let me tell you something the reptilians are from earth thats true and the elohim blamed the reptilians for evil and in fact they are not evil at all also ill add the elohim where on earth several times before anything and on their adventure to and from earth over thousand of years the actually made different species of pre humans like Neanderthal and all the other ones as well they made them and this is true as humans where never apart of earth at all and i know where the elohim come from Aldebaran star system 65 light years from earth. the elohim created the great flood to kill off its creation they have done this many of times they also killed the dinosaurs of earth via nuclear air explosion from the air. the elohim are not good they killed of a peacfull reptilian species on earth and are still doing so as its wrong to kill off them as the reptilians fought back to protect earth from them but got forced underground by the elohim. also their are 3 hostile aliens on earth one hostile aliens are trading technowladgy so they can abduct people to never be seen again. also if you see a dragon symbol in a cave with a circle and 7 stars it represents earths planets and moons id advise you to not go into the caves. also when people forget about the alien abductions from outside ets is a thing they can do with their mind to input imigery in your head how they do this is when the elohim made humans on earth they forgot to block others from acessing our minds like we are an open book they can turn the switch on or of in our minds. so now it seems the elohim are trying to take over this earth or the other one of the 3 hostile aliens are trying to take over earth via through governments over time. and its not the reptilians at all so please listen thats what they want people to blame so they never get caught the blame very smart tactick i think as they wouldnt make it easy to be caught out now would they if you think about it. anyway if you want to know more find me on fb has my pic with a spotted dog in it (AJ SLITHER) or my email also the elohim manipulated humaity over thousand of years to blame the reptilians for everything.

        • I’m barely reading know this, does this also have to do with that rar blood types RH they said they there we was 2-3 levels of human species made, some were slaves others warriors and some other level to keep race pure?

    • I have been trying to convince my good friend of this….. but its like beating a dead horse. He says “I cant see why they (Gov) would go through that much trouble to deceive us”. I say if they are false in one thing then they are false in everything. I believe The Grey Demons will be center stage when the Great Deception comes.

  2. I just don’t believe the creator of Humans was just one entity. We’ve had Reptilians mess with our DNA and that’s only one of the one’s I know of.
    As for the New Christ and his Wife. Not buying it.

    • the reptilians defended earth as they where born here they evolved naturally here on earth over billions of years and they fought the elohim to save earth thats the true story when you think about it and i think the elohim destroyed mars and the elohim come from this star system called Aldebaran look it up.

  3. I used to gamble with the reptilians and wondering where my spaceships are I plan on selling certain items for 600 tokens from my adventures

    I am also looking for a new engineering team of the most advanced extraterrestrials and construction crews to create massive engineering tools and deliver the products and buildings to the year 2021 in South Orange County, California. The covert operations are complete and everything is ready for public use now immediately.

    I also have Annunaki children with Ninhursag

    • hmmmm the elohim hey you betrayed the reptilians you killed many in a war that where native to earth they where peacful people and ill add the 3 hostile ets that visit earth are not good at all and one of them species are in cahoots with our government and betrayed humanity. I know about the abductions and the false image screening techniques to make us think you look diffrent when not at all. i figured out this technique and im going to teach people how to over come the vail switch in the brain. also your elohim home world Aldebaran system 65 light years away why did you come here. why did you increase our coming in 2 to 3 million years time we shouldnt be here and if we evolved naturally we would be better off that way but you elohim dont care for us because if you did you would help us but you don;t you have lied to us humanity and the earth and you caused huclear war then you blamed it on the reptilians of earth ill never forgive you elohim and i think you have made up alot of missiformation to confuse the masses on earth even today. so now i see through the vail of lies.

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