Anunnaki Are Here Now! Massive Government Cover-up

We are at a turning point where the government is continuing to use the false COVID-19 virus to keep us blind to the truth! A former Israeli space security chief has come out exposing that we have been in contact with aliens for years, and President Trump was ready to release this info to the public that there has been an ongoing contract between the leaders of the US and the Galactic Federation, that they may experiment on the American people! Professor Haim Eshed made this shocking claim several days ago! Read the full text here!

How long have they been here? Find out everything you need to know in the video below, be ready for the biggest disclosure!



  1. I’ve said it before; the Annunaki are nothing more than ancient nephilim hybrids! They are NOT aliens, space gods (elohim), judges of humankind, or even from outer space. They are from this dimension. They are evil and very keenly intelligent, enough so that their technology can deceive the smartest human mind into believing they are from outer space. They are, if anything, transdimensional beings, you may call them demonic, who are here and they are lying to us about their intentions!

    • YOU are 100% WRONG. The Bible says in Genesis 6 that the Nephilim were the OFFSPRING of the ELOHIM ….The Bene Ha Elohim-PLURAL meaning originally LOFTY ONES/ET’s…..who ARE the Anunnaki. I am a Hebrew Bible Scholar and Sumerian text scholar. YOU are not.

  2. I just don’t believe the creator of Humans was just one entity. We’ve had Reptilians mess with our DNA and that’s only one of the one’s I know of.
    As for the New Christ and his Wife. Not buying it.

  3. I used to gamble with the reptilians and wondering where my spaceships are I plan on selling certain items for 600 tokens from my adventures

    I am also looking for a new engineering team of the most advanced extraterrestrials and construction crews to create massive engineering tools and deliver the products and buildings to the year 2021 in South Orange County, California. The covert operations are complete and everything is ready for public use now immediately.

    I also have Annunaki children with Ninhursag

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