WTF? Surgeon Admits To Branding His Initials On 2 Patients’ Livers

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND — Doctors in the UK got a shock during an operation when they found an accomplished surgeon’s initials branded on the patient’s liver.

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Dr. Simon Bramhall, 53, admitted to Birmingham Crown Court that he etched “SB” onto the livers of two transplant patients in 2013 using an argon beam. Argon beam coagulators are commonly used during such operations to stop blood flow and seal wounds.

Although the initials did not appear to cause problems for either patient, they were clearly visible.

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Bramhall’s proprietary markings were discovered after one of the patients had a followup procedure, and those doctors saw the initials.

The surgeon was suspended in 2013 and resigned from his surgical position at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in 2014. Bramhall also admitted that he had “made a mistake” and apologized.

A Birmingham Crown Court representative said he was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm but pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a lesser charge of assault by “beating” in connection with the actual inscribing of the livers.

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He is due to be sentenced on January 12.

WTF? Surgeon Admits To Branding His Initials On 2 Patients’ Livers

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