Woman Arrested For Assaulting Her Husband With … Delicious Pizza

WESTPORT, CT — A Connecticut woman was arrested after allegedly assaulting her husband with pizza during a domestic dispute in the early hours of Sunday morning.

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Amber Llorens, a 44-year-old Westport resident and mother of four, allegedly began arguing with her husband George, 47, after they went to Domino’s and purchased a pizza. The couple had been at a bar celebrating a friend’s birthday, and the dispute occurred at around 1:45 A.M. Everyone likes some early-hours pizza after a few drinks, but it’s a shame to waste it!

Police said Llorens, who works as an aesthetician, got into a verbal altercation with her husband after they picked up the pizza and got back into their Land Rover. The argument reportedly started after a friend of Llorens called and asked them to go back to the bar and pick up some belongings the friend left there — and they disagreed about whether or not to carry out the request.

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In the heat of the moment, she allegedly began throwing pizza slices at her spouse. Investigators later discovered several slices of pizza on the floor of the vehicle.

Llorens is due in court next month on the misdemeanor count.

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Woman Arrested For Assaulting Her Husband With … Delicious Pizza

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