Video: Memphis Grandma Locked Kids In Pet Kennels & Went For A Drive

MEMPHIS, TN — A grandmother who allegedly put her two grandchildren in pet kennels and took them on a ride around Memphis, Tennessee, has been charged with child endangerment.

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Leimome Cheeks, 62, was charged Sunday with two counts of child endangerment after a bystander recorded her letting her two grandchildren out from pet kennels in a vehicle. In the video, which has since gone viral on social media, a woman can be seen opening the back of a Ford Explorer and helping a young girl climb out of a small pet kennel, seemingly in front of the Graceland mansion on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Cheeks drove the children, aged eight and seven, around Memphis on Saturday.

The police affidavit notes that the temperature “reached 95 degrees and there were no vents in the rear of the Ford Explorer.”

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Leimome Cheeks was interviewed and admitted to riding from Whitehaven to Collierville with the children in the kennel,” the affidavit reads. “Cheeks further advised they also drove downtown, however she checked on the children periodically and later removed them from the kennel and put them in the rear seats of her her vehicle.”

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