Sicko Allegedly Rapes Brain-Injured Stroke Victim In Bronx Hospital Bed

BRONX, NY — The NYPD has arrested Keith Nembhard, 37, for raping a 32-year-old stroke victim in her bed at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital [Wikimedia Commons]

A nurse reportedly walked in on Bronx resident Nembhard in the process of committing the assault. The patient is said to have suffered a brain injury that rendered her incapable of giving consent to any manner of sex act.

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Hospital staff called the cops and held Nembhard until officers took him into custody.

Nembhard is believed to know the victim. He has been charged with second-degree rape.

The alleged rape is the second serious criminal incident to occur in 2017 at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital. In June, Dr. Henry Bello, a disgruntled former employee, stormed the hospital and gunned down six staffers, one of whom died. Bello then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

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