Indiana Couple Accused Of Locking Teen Girl In Wooden Cage, Molestation

HUNTINGBURG, IN — An Indiana dentist has been arrested and accused of molesting his 14-year-old daughter, who has a disability. He and his wife allegedly held her captive in a cage, secured with a chain and a combination lock.

Alan Friz, 57, is accused of repeatedly rubbing his daughter’s breasts over the past year. His wife Aimee, 36, who is eight and a half months pregnant, has also been arrested on criminal confinement and child-neglect charges.

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Authorities executed a search warrant on the house and found a four-foot-by-eight-foot wooden cage labeled with the girl’s name in a bedroom closet. The teen told them that the couple has forced her to sleep there every night since last month — and refused to give her food and water. She was locked in at night and anytime Aimee was not in the home, with nothing but a pan to urinate into, according to court documents.

The girl also told police that her father had touched her breasts on multiple occasions and molested her in the shower, her bedroom, and the cage — and that she told her mother about the assaults.

Court documents show that Alan Friz admitted to confining the teen to a cage, but claimed he locked her in the cage because she had threatened to kill Aimee and her unborn baby.

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When asked about the allegations, the depraved dad told news station WIFE, “The Lord is good.”

The 14-year-old girl and other children have been removed from the home. The couple was released on bond and is scheduled to return to court November 9.

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Indiana Couple Accused Of Locking Teen Girl In Wooden Cage, Molestation

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