‘I Smacked Her Up Because I Got Mad:’ Couple Allegedly Beat Innocent Toddler To Death In ‘Worst Case Of Child Abuse’

Wisconsin police arrested a couple last week following the death of their toddler, charging them with what investigators are calling the “worst case of child abuse” they’ve ever seen, as reported by ABC 2.

Juan Maravilla, 31, and Sarah L. Kairys, 30, were taken into custody after Kairys’s 15-month-old child died last May, following an investigation, an arrest report has indicated.

The child’s autopsy report, which was released on April 14, noted that death was caused by blunt force trauma to the head and torso. Additionally, the medical examiner concluded that the infant suffered from bite marks and staging that indicated multiple injuries that had previously healed throughout its body.

The report also concluded that the child had no food in her stomach “and near depleted fat reserves that indicate inadequate nutrition,” as well as multiple infections.

“The trauma that led to this little girl’s death, it’s very disturbing,” said Green Bay Police Lt. Rick Belanger. “This is clearly not an accident.”

Maravilla allegedly admitted to striking the infant, which is not his child by birth, in an interview given to police back in June, as reported by the Green Bay Press Gazette.

“I smacked her up because I got mad. I just got mad and I accidentally hit her,” he reportedly told authorities while in custody. “I didn’t mean for this (expletive). I didn’t want her to go… She died, man. She’s dead.”

The couple initially told investigators that the baby was sick and had fallen down the stairs, changing their story once incarcerated, with Kairys now concurring that the injuries were caused by Maravilla.

Maravilla has been charged with first degree reckless homicide and physical abuse of a child causing death. Kairys has been charged with child neglect resulting in death and failure to prevent bodily harm to a child.


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