Florida Stripper Stabs Partner In Both Eyes, Forces Piece Of Wood Down Throat During Dispute Over Cannibalism: Cops

Florida police have arrested a suspect accused of murdering their partner during a dispute over cannibalism, as reported by the Palm Beach Post.

Justin Calhoun, 24, was picked up in August after allegedly stabbing their partner, Mark Brann, in both eyes before shoving a piece of wood down his throat, in what police have called “one of the most brutal murder cases in recent Key West history.”

Calhoun, who reportedly worked as a stripper and may be transgender, is also alleged to have beaten Brann with a dresser drawer, leaving the viictim “severely beaten on the head,” according to FL Keys News. The violence followed an alleged argument over cannibalism, in which the 24-year-old is said to have accused the 67-year-old victim of eating people.

“Calhoun then inserted a piece of broken wood into Brann’s mouth, stood up, and then stomped on the piece of wood to lodge it further down into Brann’s throat,” according to the arrest affidavit, which has been obtained by Miami Herald.

The newspaper reports that the suspect is listed as a female in jail records, but that police reports refer to the suspect as a male. Calhoun is reportedly being kept in the male wing of the Monroe County Detention Center, but in a private cell because Calhoun self-identified as female when booked into jail.

The suspect reportedly told police that they were merely defending themselves and accused Brann, who initially survived the ordeal but later died at a trauma center, of brandishing a gun, though Calhoun “admitted he went beyond self-defense,” wrote Detective Jeffrey Dean.

Police noted that Calhoun attempted to flee the scene but was found after jumping “out of the bedroom window while naked.”

The case went to a grand jury on Monday, and official charges will be brought upon the 24-year-old once the jury completes its deliberation.

Florida stripper stabs partner in both eyes, forces piece of wood down throat during dispute over cannibalism: Cops

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