Cops: Army Vet Decapitated His Mom With a Butter Knife, His Bare Hands & His Teeth

WIGGINS, MS — On June 6, officers from the Stone County Sheriff’s Department discovered the decapitated body of Sherry Johnson, 52, in her backyard. Her head, however, was on the other side of the fence.

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The next day, according to police, her 29-year-old son Terrelle Johnson confessed to killing and maiming his mom.

Johnson allegedly said he choked Sherry into unconsciousness and subsequently removed her head with a butter knife, his bare hands, and his teeth.

Upon entering a courtroom on Wednesday, Johnson turned to members of the press and stated bluntly: “I done it.”

Police Captain Ray Boggs testified in court on Wednesday that Sherry’s three other adult children called to request a welfare check on their mom, whom they hadn’t heard from since June 3.

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Boggs said officers arrived at the home Sherry shared with Terrelle who, at first, told the cops his mother was on a cruise. They didn’t believe him.

From there, Terrelle allowed the officers into the house where they made their gruesome find, with Boggs noting:

“When I entered the bedroom. I immediately noticed blood everywhere … on the floor, on the bed, on the walls … [Terrelle] told me he beat [his mom] up real bad. He said it got out of hand.”

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Reportedly, the mother and son had been arguing about credit cards when Terrelle exploded into a homicidal rage.

After strangling Sherry and slicing her throat with the butter knife, Terrelle allegedly chewed through her neck and tore her head off with his hands.

Boggs said the suspect explained he took Sherry’s remains out back so the house wouldn’t smell bad.

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Terrelle Johnson reportedly has a considerable history of mental illness and legal trouble.

He served in the U.S. Army, but the Department of Veterans Affairs expelled him following an earlier arrest.

Sherry Johnson had worked as a guidance counselor at a local high school. Police said they had visited her home on numerous occasions to deal with Terrelle.

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Defense attorney Jim Davis said he does not know yet whether or not he’ll enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. Davis stated:

“[Johnson] does have a substantial history, and y’all heard the facts of this particular case. That’s not a normal homicide … [but] we’ve got to wait until we get the records and probably have him properly evaluated. Then, we’ll kind of know where we’re headed.”

Although Davis advised his client to remain silent, outside Wednesday’s court hearing Johnson did audibly declare to reporters: “I done it.”

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