Seattle’s “Christmas Bulb Bandit” May Be Among The Cutest — & Busiest — Thieves Ever Caught On Film

This year, Dark Outpost is bringing you 12 Days of Christmas Crimes to celebrate the holidays in our unique way. Here’s the first!

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SEATTLE, WA — For one homeowner, it’s not the Grinch who’s stealing Christmas. According to Margaret Rican, more than 150 bulbs from her outdoor Christmas decorations were stolen in just 24 hours by one unbelievably industrious gray squirrel.

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She finally caught him on video and shared them on YouTube. According to Rican, the squirrel simply chewed through the wires and took off with the bulbs. She believed that he was burying the colorful baubles around the neighborhood, thinking they were some kind of food. She even found a few in her yard. (Gray squirrels are known to bury their nuts for the winter in what is called “scatter hoarding.” When they forget where some of those nuts were buried, new trees crop up there instead. But, not in this case. Unless maybe a Christmas tree?)

Rican told local news station KING 5 that at first it was annoying, but she has since grown to like the little guy. According to the description in her first YouTube video: “He’s the hardest working rodent we’ve ever seen. and we are really pulling for him, and hoping he survives this winter. He’s a quick little bandit, with really good hops.”

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Those of us here at CrimeFeed with a soft spot for squirrel-kind are right there with you, Margaret. Check out this little thief in action:

The little bandit seems to like channeling his inner Rocket J. Squirrel:

Seattle’s “Christmas Bulb Bandit” May Be Among The Cutest — & Busiest — Thieves Ever Caught On Film

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