John Walsh’s Dark Secrets

Meghan Walsh, Penny Shepard and Mike Pack join us to continue our mission of saving Meghan’s children from the grip of her father John Walsh, as we continue our deep dive into his nefarious connections. Miki Klann calls for a national strike to protest vaccine mandates. Dr. James Fetzer has part 2 of his truth bombs about the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Dark Outpost, Please cover this issue and Supreme Court cases of Brian D. Hill, the former News reporter of USWGO Alternative News who was betrayed and abandoned by Alex Jones of InfoWhores.
    Alex Jones told people like Brian to peacefully fight the New World Order and to speak at your city council. Brian did spoke at his Mayodan Town Council and was framed with a federal crime shortly afterwards. So Brian’s reward for peacefully fighting the New World Order was being framed, files planted, and turned into a Virgin on the Sex Registry. YES a Virgin with no victims in his Pre-sentence Report sits on a Sex Registry. Files are of an unknown series and had downloaded to his computer for 11 months and 8 days after being seized by Law Enforcement. Brian is a victim of the Pedophile Rings. His own dad worked for the International Drug Cartels and likely the Pedophile Rings as well. So Brian is a victim of a child porn planting operation, his own dad may have been involved in Brian D. Hill being framed with that filth. Time for Brian D. Hill to be interviewed and come out of the closet about the entire Fed Frame Up Operation against Brian. You should interview him. Please email me StanleyBolten AT protonmail. Brian needs his story to come out to millions.
    and of course if Brian’s dad did frame him with those filthy files or had any participation in it, the Feds will never go after him for any of that because the Feds under the Obama Administration wanted to shut down USWGO Alternative News by federal charges, lawsuits such as Righthaven LLC, hacking attacks, or any other means necessary to end people like Brian Hill.
    Learn the truth, please have him on your show and other networks. His story needs to be told. Brian is innocent, he was framed and the Feds refused to allow him to prove who framed him. Brian reported his own dad after his dad was arrested for drug smuggling and later Court record said he smuggled illegal immigrants over the border, essentially they had evidence that his dad’s trucks of his company was involved with human trafficking. Brian reported that his dad may have framed him with CP files, and then the Feds refused to investigate any of it and turned over his father’s Border Law Enforcement seized laptop to somebody in his family. So they refused to search his seized laptop for child porn. The feds only wanted to indict him for drugs and gave him a very nice sentence of the time he had already served and only a little less than 2 years left to go of imprisonment and just 2 years Probation afterwards. While Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News for over ten years of sentence of supervised release, Brian isn’t allowed to ever use the internet which violates his Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. This had nothing to do with child porn. They protected Brian’s father and allowed him to get away with violating other federal laws including not paying income taxes and other crimes. So Brian was meant to be charged, convicted, forced to plead guilty or face 20 years, all for nothing. They wanted him over his media website. The Feds wanted to stop Brian for the rest of his life from being a political activist. Brian defeated Righthaven LLC by refusing to settle and forced his lawyer David S. Kerr to figure out a defense for Brian for the jury trial until it came out that Righthaven LLC did not have standing to sue. They used secretive plea agreements to force their settled defendants to never talk bad about Righthaven LLC and be gagged. Brian was never gagged and the secret settlement agreement between Righthaven LLC and Brian as a proposed settlement agreement offer was leaked to the Press. So they were embarassed thanks to Brian D. Hill, and he was in the New York Times. So the Feds made a new effort of framing him with child porn. It could be his dad, it may be the Feds themselves. It may NC State Senator Philip Edward Berger or Mayodan Police or the SBI that has a history of manufacturing evidence in a murder case of Drk. Kirk Turner in North Carolina. So the Feds clearly wanted to frame Brian D. Hill or let somebody else frame him with child porn in order to shut him up for good.

    Research his story, read his case files, vet his information. Time for Brian to finally get the truth out about it all. God bless you.
    They did this to Ian Freeman of Free Talk Live, Luke Rudkowski, Stewart Rhodes, Melissa Melton, Aaron Dykes, Dan Johnson, and many patriots were getting these set up attempts and then they may have been persecuted by the Department of InJustice.

  2. Dear Sir I paid my subscription but I can’t access your posting of videos can you tell me why ? As I understood at the time it was $29.99 per year which was confirmed and now no access.

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