Tom Hanks Revealed To Be CGI DeepFake!

Monica B. discussed putting on the armor of God while avoiding prosperity preachers. Johnny Cirucci said all denominations of Christianity still bow down to the Vatican. Nick Alvear exposed Tom Hanks as a deepfake CGI algorithm which replaced the disgraced predator actor. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. In the traditional latin mass the priest does face the altar. It is a beautiful way to worship and under threat by Pope Francis and the Vatican. It is surging in popularity among young Catholics. Before criticizing the mass do some research about what is actually going on spirituality. Propagatong old stereotypes is ignorant.

  2. From: Simon Parkes

    According to the named British Intelligence Expert: Likely Six (6) Outcome Scenarios for Mid-Term Election 2022

    >>>> ONE OF THESE HE SAYS WILL TAKE PLACE–(Read and You Decide for Yourself)


    1.) REPUBLICANS win outright BOTH houses of Congress, which leads to impeachment proceeding against the feckless Joe Robinette Biden. Fearing the ramification of this, Biden resigns. “Camel Toe” Harris resigns because she can not handle the TRUTH. Nancy Pelosi is then sworn in a President of the United States. This is Nancy Pelosi’s great dream, and will take it. Both houses then initiate impeachment proceedings against Pelosi, and then a REPUBLICAN Speaker of the House is sworn in as President of the United States.

    2.) Rampant corruption on part of the DEMOCRATS including ballot dropping, bribery is seen, HOWEVER, the “red wave” is so strong to overcome the corruption and win a narrow victory in both chambers..then follow through of scenario #.: 1 takes place.

    3.) Biden by fiat authority cancels mid-term election(s); one (1) or two (2) days before the election(s); and pushed back election(s) 3-6 months. (This is clearly illegal and un-Constitutional–and no national emergency)

    4.) Some form of “White Hat” action takes place, with martial law removal of Biden–no need for the Supreme Court–Trump with Executive Orders takes action; however must explain to the public what has taken place

    5.) Corruption is….so bad…(Time for Gene Rayburn comedy)..The results show DEMOCRATS winning both chambers of the Congress–then a few hours later, President Trump is arrested. TYRANNY!!! A near death experience takes nuclear war for Europeans..Americans will loose their Constitutional Republic!!!! Then military steps in and Mr. Trump is recognized as the Commander in Chief (not President of the United States) March of 2023 new elections and Mr. Trump then is recognized as the new and re-instated President of the United States.

    6.) REPUBLICANS win the House of Representatives, but because of rampant cheating the DEMOCRATS win the U.S. Senate–no impeachment of Biden

    There they are. NO MATTER WHAT—VOTE!!!

    (Let’s hope it is not our last time!)

    • CORRECTION scenario #.: 5, Trump in March of 2023 my be sworn in as President, and there may not be another election to determine U.S. Presidency.

      • Gene Rayburn:

        “The U.S. 2022 Mid-term elections were so bad.. so bad.. that the stupid floozy blonde Democrat ballot stuffer forgot to put the ballots in the ballot box …. she stuffed them in her……..

        Richard Dawson: “BRASSIERE”
        Brett Somers: “BRASSIERE”
        Charles Nelson Reilly: “BRASSIERE”
        Fanny Flagg: “BRASSIERE”
        Betty White: “BRASSIERE”
        Marcia Wallace: “BRASSIERE”
        Dick Martin: “BRASSIERE”
        Bert Convy: “BRASSIERE”

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