Would You Have Sex With A Robot?

In a recent survey, 40% of participants said they would have sex with a humanoid robot. Would you? Ginny Silcox goes off the grid. Dr. James Fetzer asks if the Holocaust is historical fact or a mass illusion. Pastor Bill MacGregor drops Biblical bombshells. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. They did in the movie, “Bladerunner”.

    >Now take a listen: Duran Duran-“Electric Barbarella” from album- Medazzaland.

  2. Dr. Fetzer:

    I have forwarded a letter with check and message of support for your legal efforts at the Wisconsin Supreme Court. (PlEASE SEE MESSAGE UNDER: “Pizzagate” and comments concerning the state of affairs at WI high court.) I wish you success in the pursuit of justice which is sacrosanct in a civilized society.

    My brief comments about WWII, please. Professor Koehl of the University of Wisconsin-Madison was a respected expert on the events before, during and after that Total War. In 1985, Koehl a man well into his 60’s seemed to have precise and almost intimate knowledge of the major events. Professor Penner of the Philosophy Department was similarly revered as an old sage and foremost expert in his respective field.

    Professor Koehl was the only professor, that I was privileged to sit in lecture on this subject in which to detail specific political intrigue concerning the rise of Adolf Hitler.

    Hitler’s real name was Adolf Schicklgruber. A child born from questionable parentage, and may have been adopted. Koehl stated that the political party which Hitler made famous was a coalition party the NA-ZI Partei.

    Professor stated that the NA (National Arbiter’s Partei)-National Worker’s (Labor) Party was Hitler’s original political party. Was it a plan from the beginning to merge with the ZI, who knows? Koehl lectured that his party was weak, and did not have money, but was approached by members of the ZI party to form the famous coalition government.

    What is or who were the ZI? ZI stands for the Zionists

    So the NA-ZI Party is in fact, The National Worker’s Zionist Party; not the National Socialist Party that everyone is told to believe.

    Why did Hitler make unusual and unpredictable decisions, including invading Russia when the German Army had the U.K on the ropes? It is because others were pulling the strings, and he was not as “all powerful” as previously thought.

    In Jerome Corsi’s book: “Hunting Hitler”, eyewitnesses saw a Junkers aircraft rise from the war torn streets of Berlin just clearing the Brandenburg Gate as Russian troops were just minutes from taking the city and Hitler’s bunker complex. So, he escaped. Even Eisenhower stated as such in the military newspaper “Stars and Stripes”.

    Where did the Junkers craft land? From Berlin, traveling West is would make plausible sense that the aircraft landed in Britain.

    British-Zionism was a plan of the British Empire. Hitler was in fact an agent of the British Empire, who was instructed to kill off the last of the Hapsburg Empire.

    It was maybe 10 years ago when the major networks revealed ( I saw it on CBS) a shocking but very believable old film footage of British Royals doing the 45 in a plush palace garden. Even little “Lizzy” was there being taught by the Queen Mother how to correctly perform the Romanesque salute. In the film the would be queen was no exuberant and beside herself after she had mastered it-nailed it; then like a basketball jump shots one after another.

    Nazi salutes by British Royals to whom? For what reason?

    The British are responsible for genocide in the Middle East. They are responsible for killing in Europe by their agent.

    • Use your wild animal imagination man! Whatever your sordid and dirty mind wants. Cheaper than Dutch prostitutes, and programmable. For more dollars or whatever, program it to accept rape and love it!

      Oh Boy!, now that is perversion, but made legal.

  3. Satans End Game is the “normalisation” of romantic relationships between humans and robots.

    Satan knows that a “flesh and blood Male” must be paired with a “flesh and blood Female” for them to be able to spiritually “ascend” to God.

    Real Flesh and Blood Males will have a robot Females as their partners.

    Real Flesh and Blood Females will have robot Males as their partners.


    ALMIGHTY GOD THE ONE “TRUE” MOST HIGH FATHER ORIGINAL SOURCE UNCREATED CREATOR GOD came down into our room in London, United Kingdom in ALL of HIS DIVINE GLORY and MAJESTY to personally Bless Our Sacred Eternal Twin Flame Marriage.

    My wife and I then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with each other.

    WE then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF.

    Then WE both “ASCENDED” each other across – in a tsunami tidal wave of ecstasy – to ALMIGHTY GODS GOLDEN SPIRITUAL REALM “HOME” of Timeless Infinite Eternal Multidimensional Universe Shattering Orgasmic Love Bliss Peace Power Joy Glory Ecstasy and Happiness Forever!

    True story!

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