Shock Video: Teacher Demonstrates Oral Sex In Class!

A shocking new video shows a teacher demonstrating oral sex to a male student in front of an entire class. We will show you that video. Catherine Edwards will discuss holistic health. Annette Rauch returns to give specific details of the abuse she suffered as a victim of child sex trafficking. Christina Barnes discusses her new website The Red Pill Directory, the door to other perspectives on news, current events and all the hidden knowledge humanity is ready to awaken to. All delivered in a self-guided adventure.  One rabbit hole will lead the researcher to another, and another. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch Part 1 of the program on Bitchute, click here:

To watch Part 1 of the program on Rumble, click here:

To watch the full show at Dark Outpost TV, click here:

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