Convoy To The Apocalypse

Pastor Bill MacGregor has breaking prophecy news regarding the trucker convoy in Canada. Will this signal the beginning of the apocalypse? Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our deep dive into Debi Pearl’s book on how to be a proper submissive wife to your husband. Deborah Tavares reports on a book that resulted in her becoming a targeted individual. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. The truckers are winning! God Bless the truckers.

    A video by Canadian Tarot reader, Janine has shown the support for the convoy to be MASSIVE. The Covid-19 mandates are fully illegal. The only recourse for the despot is to begin aerial bombardment by helicopter or worse, and he does not have the support of the military. DICTATORSHIP IS NOT WELCOME IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE AND THE UNITED STATES ACCORDING TO THE MONROE DOCTRINE.

    (This was enacted because of threats by the Jesuits and the Catholic Church to destroy Western popular democratically elected republic governments)

    Justin Trudeau is clearly a dictator cut from the same cloth as his REAL father.

    • >>>> Had the United States maintained all of its railroads, and become fully DEPENDENT upon rail as most are in Europe, then the NWO and the Jesuits would have has us on our knees and starving by now. The decentralized distribution system utilizing independent truckers is the ONLY THING KEEPING TYRANNY FROM TAKING HOLD IN NORTH AMERICA.

      This is for certain. It was the Rockefellers and others, however, who bought the rail lines and having removed and eschewing them for gasoline production and consumption by American automobiles.

  2. Bill Macgregor is speaking biblical truth about war. You may war anytime with anybody. But winning is another matter. If both tribes are sinful people. Both will suffer loss. And God cannot side with the sinful, it is the same as him siding with sin. Sin is Satanic darkness and God cannot abide with those that comprimise themselves with sin. So God says to turn from your wicked ways and he will heal your land. That means he will fight the battles for you and you will win. And he does a lot of that by making the sinful side fall into confusion and calamity and they will lose. But if their is a husband on both sides of the war that commit adultry, God is saying he will not be on either side then. The intentions of war seem right when the idea you are fighting for is right. But God knows deep down you don’t always stand by what is right. Always stand for what is right and God will absolutely stand by you. If there is a sinful man in your tribe who refuses to do what is right he alone can make your tribe lose. So, tell him why he even with good intentions cannot go. He will endanger all his comrads then that were relying upon the Lord. When we do wrong under God’s law and then ask him to stand by us, it is impossible for him to stand by that that stands by wrong. And God cannot stand by that, that stands by wrong.

  3. But Bill Macgregor with all due respect. In revelation God said no man knows exactly the date of his returning for not even the angels or the son of God, Jesus even knows the minute or the hour. But he gives us prophecy to know when he is near. And also to validate that he is God. For prophecy proves he is the only true God because he does what no other so called God can and that is to tell us the future and it always comes true. So sept. 26, 2023. I would not say.

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