Spacey’s Brother: He’s A Monster

Most of Randy B. Fowler’s life has been spent living in almost complete obscurity and in the shadows of his famous two-time Academy-Award-winning brother, Kevin Spacey. In his autobiography entitled A Moment in Time-Living in the Shadows, Randy B. Fowler tells about his terrifying childhood filled with every kind of horrific form of child abuse. Randy details some of the unbelievable, extremely painful, and most unusual stories that he, his little brother Kevin Spacey (Fowler), and their sister Julie had experienced growing up. Randy will discuss his book and reveal the horrible truth about his brother. Author Micah Dank talks about his new series “Into the Rabbit Hole” and the first book “Into the Veil” which is compared to the Dan Brown’s “Davinci Code”. Micah explores astrology and the hidden codes in the bible and how it relates to what is real and what is possible related to politics, conspiracy, fringe medicine, history, language and what it means to survive in these times! John Carman discusses the latest intel from his vast sources on the day’s hottest news. Leave the world you think you know behind and join u s at the Dark Outpost!

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