Virtual Reality Hell!

Christi Tasker addressed whether spanking is child abuse. Nola Lola discussed the case of Amanda Rabb, a prostitute who was committed to an institution which used virtual reality techniques to “cure” her of mental illness, where she was found dead. Preston Dennett & Dolly Safran argued that all extraterrestrial life is benevolent. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch the first 3 hours of the program, click here:



  1. Why is it always so hard to find anything behind the pay wall – live or old. It’s not just my phone. I try to get on my computer too. The inner circle needs glitches fixed. When will I be able to see the video with Kerry Cassidy. I’ve managed to see one live show but always have to wait until the next day to watch videos. You said the price was going up to $50.00. I don’t think so! I can get aggravated for free. Otherwise, love the show.

  2. Try Doug Vogt as a guest he has taught the solar flare and pole reversal cycle now for years his best stuff is description of what will actually happen regarding oceans leaving their beds and swooshing across continents etc etc! He’s a little hard to take like pastor ma Gregor but his info is great and thought provoking. Also have the guy from suspicious observers on he is terrific and has large following another one that believes in cycles and solar flares

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