Crime History: When Lindsay Lohan Went To Jail And Then Didn’t — Over and Over Again

LOS ANGELES, CA — On July 6, 2010, Hollywood bad girl starlet Lindsay Lohan got sentenced to jail. That legal decree set off 18 months of “celebrity justice” for the troubled actress, a phenomenon that may or may not resemble the version of justice that normally serves those of us who are not celebrities.

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In her initial ruling against Lohan, Beverly Hills Judge Marsha Revel sentenced the frequently arrested Hollywood starlet to 90 days in lock up for repeatedly violating her probation following a 2007 DUI bust — a crime for which Lohan had previously gone to jail for a whopping 84 minutes.

Revel additionally ordered Lohan to complete a 90-day drug-rehab program following the jail stint. Hysterically sobbing upon hearing the sentence, Lohan told Revel, “I did do everything that I was told to do and did the best I could!”

Photos of the proceedings later revealed that one of Lohan’s middle fingernails had been painted with the phrase, “f—k u.”

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Lindsay Lohan entered protective custody on July 20. She did less than two weeks due to “overcrowding,” after which she went directly to the UCLA Medical Center to begin her rehab.

While allegedly getting help, Lohan’s original three-month mandate somehow got reduced to just over three weeks. The star walked free on probation and was back in her West Hollywood home on August 24.

Part of Lohan’s probation involved drug testing. She turned up dirty for cocaine on September 17. A week later, Judge Eldon Fox determined Lohan to be in violation and ordered her back to jail. Several hours later, another Beverly Hills judge overturned Fox’s decision, and Lohan spent the night in her own bed on $300,000 bail.

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On September 28, Lohan checked into the Betty Ford Center. Judge Fox ordered her to stay there until January 3, and to stay sober until her upcoming February 25 court date. Fox warned that if any shenanigans were to occur, he’d sentence Lohan to six months in a real jail. Shenanigans, in short order, did occur.

Lohan and Betty Ford Center employee Dawn Holland reportedly got into a physical altercation on December 12. At issue, according to Holland, was Lohan’s refusal to submit to a drug and alcohol test.

As police looked into the fight, the Center fired Holland for leaking the story to the media. Holland then said she would not press charges nor cooperate with the investigation.

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After getting out of rehab, Lohan relocated to a Venice apartment. On January 22, she dropped by the local Kamofie and Company jewelry store. She promptly walked out with a “one-of-a-kind” $2,500 necklace dangling from her neck.

A month later, cops obtained a search warrant, and Lohan’s pal handed over the jewelry. Lohan was charged with felony grand theft, setting off several months of negotiations and more court appearances. The theft charge got reduced to a misdemeanor, and Lohan caught a sentence of 120 days in jail. She served five hours.

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On May 26, Lohan showed up to do her jail time and was informed she could serve under house arrest instead. She opted for the latter and, shortly thereafter, celebrated by throwing a series of roof parties.

In a development that probably surprised no one, Lohan then failed an alcohol test and returned to court on June 23. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner noted in regard to the roof parties that Lohan exercised “extremely poor judgment, but poor judgment is not a violation of your probation.”

Thirty-five days later, Lohan was released from home confinement, but told she must perform 360 hours of community service at the Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center and 120 hours at the L.A. County Morgue. She didn’t do any of it — at least not at first.

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That November, Judge Sautner sentenced Lohan to serve 30 days for breaking probation rules yet again. She did two hours. From there, according the court, Lohan finally adhered to her pre-existing community service mandates.

Over the next four months, Sautner regularly praised Lohan for her progress and released the actress from probation on March 29, 2012, instructing her to “live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing, and focus on your work.”

Lindsay Lohan, free at last, responded, “Thank you for being fair.”

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Crime History: When Lindsay Lohan Went To Jail And Then Didn’t — Over and Over Again


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