White House Tunnels Blown Up, Children Saved

New video shows smoke billowing from beneath the White House after massive explosions were heard emanating throughout Washington, D.C. Over 200,000 children were rescued, 1000s of bodies were recovered and mass arrests were made during the military operation. Plus…Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness weighs in and takes your questions. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Since it’s believed that tunnels have been detonated underneath the White House, how is it that the building itself is not compromised and still standing?

  2. I have heard of tunnels all across the nation being blown up… Have not seen any solid evidence…yet… get me some real evidence please, so I may pass this on to thousands of friends. FYI. we are now in the 2nd year of the last 7 years of tribulations in Revelations… The Anti Christ as well as the beast, will be taking global stage soon…

    • go to the USGS site…..earthquake live…most DUMBs are at 10 KM exactly…..shows all over the world those that are being taken out.

    • The anti Christ shows up right before the seven years starts. First the rapture then the anti Christ. We are not in the tribulation yet.

    • ???? Tribulation? Dispensation of grace?, rapture? Plz explain peace agreement not official, 3rd Temple not built yet!!!!

    • Look at Gene Decodes on the Deep Underground Bases. Blessed2teach.com is one place where you can get all the decodes. You can go really deep on Gene’s Unleased but that is unadvisable until you have looked at everything else as the rabbit hole is very deep and dark and evil.

    • Our country is being ran by the military at the moment. President Trump is the president of the United States of the Republic. DC is foreign land right now. President Trump bankrupt it before he left office. This is why there is a fence around the capitol. This statement can be proven by doing some research.

      • Clinton died on 9/11/2016. She was then rushed to her daughter’s apartment(clinic)She was resuscitated.She was then kept alive being hooked up to devices under her clothes, as you can tell under her heavy concealing clothing. She was also given Adrenochrome to keep her alive. And yes,many of them have clones.

    • Who’s allowing Clones?!!!!!

  3. Q is not real folks. Put down your popcorn this is not a movie. Military nor Trump are in charge.
    Please wake up, grieve and join Patriots in action! When was the last time you called your state legislator??

    • Q is simply information, some true some inryentionally false but Q is absolutely a fantastic source to interpret current events. This is a movie we are watching ?no one knows anything especially you so enjoy the show #WWG1WGA

    • Don’t be silly now……Trump is in full control with the military……Biden and is cronies are all part of the show until Trumps public return…..keep watching…..any day now….

    • Yes it does still stand. Ever see how they can detonate a building in between high rises without moving a hair surrounding the one building they want down? Very precise.

  4. Who’s allowing Clones?!!!!!

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