Tom Hanks’ Single Lost Glove Photo On Twitter Was Coded After All… And It Exposed Something So Sinister It Has To Come With Viewer Discretion!

Did Tom Hanks Twitter game reveal a doorway to a hidden world never before available to the public to see… wonderland? Figuring that no one who isn’t in the know, would ever know the true meaning? Most of his photos were a nod of an inside joke… others now appear to be coded… coded for those who come from wonderland? What is wonderland?

It is the other society that governs this one… where everything is backwards, good is evil, evil is good and such. Is this truth or fiction… only our hearts decide.  At the time Tom was posting his lost glove photos… he was happy and on top of the world… he had millions on social media who awaited his latest weird pics that only he knew the real meaning… it was a game… the lost gloves were a sign of the coming times that we are in now… another example would be Madonna’s Ghosttown video… where via their art, they slowly but constantly attract the masses like the pied piper, to a dismal ending.  Tom was always an insider… and not necessarily a bad person… it was something he was born into… He knew their society was setting up our society for a big fall.

He knew the thing was about to be unleashed to the public… the corona thing… he knew his career was based on setting up the dark, in the final battle between light and love.  He thought that if they would take america over, that finally, those with special tastes, would normalize all that for now, remains hidden.  He knew he had an entire invisible army beind him who were secretly at war with america and the world, and that they had the world’s resources and media at their fingertips… he was an unstoppable force… american royalty… he could get away with anything and often did, and it became normal… and isaac kappy may have found out.  Hanks was happy to drop codes on his social media, that no regular people could dicipher until now that is… one day he came across some scrawlings on the pavement… and he smiled… he thought to himself, that reminds him of something completely different… he chuckled, no one suspected america’s dad….mr nice guy… his image carefully groomed, fitting for a royal… he took the picture… he knew only his true friends would know what it means… and the network… he smiled to himself, because taking that photo brought him a special kind of imitation joy that few would ever know…he didn’t know that sometime in the future, THAT ONE PHOTO would lead the filmmaker and now the world, to discover a most horrific side of life… viewer discretion advised…. this is a red pilling of the greatest kind… with love in our hearts and not fear, we move forward, protected by angels and surrounded by love.