PTSD Or Demonic Possession?

Many veterans return from the service suffering what they believe to be PTSD. Is it possible that they are demonically possessed? Could the Military Elite be subjecting our men and women in uniform to mind control and other horrific experiments which leave them vulnerable to being taken over by the Dark Side? Tonight, we examine this very real possibility with Jessie Czebotar Of Illuminate The Darkness. She also reveals that Newt and Callista Gingrich are involved in Satanism and child sacrifice. Plus…Peter Kirby continues his discussion on chemtrails and who is behind them.

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  1. Read and understand, why demonic possession is spreading now,
    Mr.Trump has made some mistakes. Execution of killer-people does not help.

    Mr. Trump did not use electronic tests, TT-tests (
    That-s why his plans to return to power were given by deepstate-infiltrators in his group to the Biden-administration

    • There is no “Biden Administration” to begin with. Joe Biden was executed a year ago for crimes against humanity and treason. Information reportedly stolen from Trump’s Mar A Lago computer at the summer White House was planted by Trump to smoke out the traitors and convey false info to the cabal that believes they are in power. The military still recognizes Trump as the one and only President. Ask yourself why he is still flying on AF1 and Marine 1.

  2. David, I remember Reagan well, he was the first president I ever voted for. I am not buying the “he was brain damaged” argument. While it is true that Bush was behind Reagan’s attempted assassination, the President gave no indications later of brain damage. How then would he have conducted the foreign policy that brought down the Soviet communist system? It sure as hell wasn’t Mr. deep state Bush destroying their own wicked system.

  3. Quizás existan muchas formas de definir un mismo tema,por qué los exorcismos existen o que se lo pregunten a Monseñor Gabriel Amorth que ha realizado más de 3000 en Italia.Llamalo energías negativas,o llamalo súcubos o íncubos,o simplemente manifestaciones físicas del diablo acompañadas de energías muy negativas,los soldados deberían llevar un rosario y agua bendita en un kit para estos casos.

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