Phil Donahue’s Pedophile Ring

Donahue, Iowa is the hometown of Phil Donahue and the Donahue family, who regularly snatched local  children for ritual sexual sacrifice, before grinding their bones and spreading the remains across the fields of their family farm in attempts to bury the bodies of evidence. Tonight, we examine the Donahue pedophile ring. Then…Emanuel Blue returns to present evidence of the George Floyd PSYOP and the COVID vaccine agenda. Plus…Dr. James Fetzer covers the COVID vaccine and the Nuremberg Trials. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • I realize it’s difficult to believe. You ought to check into indictments,executions of famous figures combined with the Cabal and GITMO.

    • Why the fuck are you so defensive about it?? Are you a fucking pedo? Probably are you sick fuck, go blow your fucked up brains out you scumbag…

    • Scott, what would you do if you were innocent and your read these accusations?
      Scott, what would you do if, they were true?
      Theres a tiny piece of evidence for you

    • scott macneilage — My intuition tells me that you’re reacting out of inability to accept. “It can’t be true! Therefore it isn’t.” But consider that Dark Outpost would be facing a massive lawsuit if it weren’t true, and then consider how carefully they trust their source.

  2. I hope That Phil Donahue and family have been arrested and are residing in Gitmo before they are executed or better have been executed. What a horrific human being they will all burn in hell for what they did Danny Thomas is surely in hell for what he did

    • I believe this is all true, including Phil marrying THAT GIRL Marlo Thomas, daughter of Danny Thomas who founded Children’s Hospital where all sorts of nefarious goings-on . . . it’s all connected.

      • Valerie d’Vonn — Danny Thomas founded St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Having heard for years the rumors that Danny Thomas was a pedophile, I never could bring myself to donate to it, although it may be on the up and up. (I sort of doubt it.) It’s painful to think that so many people, entertainers et al, are Satanists. If you haven’t viewed the movie EYES WIDE SHUT, do. Because dentists and doctors and lawyers, etc., are often Satanists, as well. And they come off as being 1st rate citizens.

  3. Isnt Pence from there too? Heard that Pence used to do some of that to kids too. I hope more people investigate that state

    • Thats exactly part of the reason they’ve been getting away with it for so many years!(the internet hasnt helped them at all) Some people just dismiss the rumours (bit like covid shite) If i hear something i cant help but look into it further THEN I’d be able to say ‘what a load of b*%”!cks or something else! The crooked then FBI and Hilary loved ‘Conspiracy theorists’ and it worked! thats just what they do and still do, without even delving
      , they do ‘the hand and cry conspiracy nut!’

    • Lorraine Hutchings — Pence is from Indiana, and yes, he’s a pedo. And worse.

  4. Wake up Scott.
    We have been lied to and manipulated for decades.
    I voted for Bush 41 and 43, never thinking they could orchestrate 911.

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