Pedos Score Big At Super Bowl

While the winner of the Vince Lombardi Trophy is up for grabs this weekend in Super Bowl LV, we already know the biggest losers: the hundreds of young girls and boys — some as young as 9 years old — who will be bought and sold for sex, as many as 20 times per day, during the course of the big game. Plus…More VIPs being sent to GITMO for detention and military tribunals…and why has the White House gone dark? John Carman will discuss. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Dave, I stopped watching… you’ve become unwatchable. wasting my time. just plugging you merchandise….as an essay, it’s like a series of topic sentences without any supporting sentences.

  2. i say GOOD RIDDANCE to NEIL… neil and all others should be checking other conservative sites to see that ALL OF THIS IS TRUE… the super bowl will be the big reveal of some info but no one knows exactly how much.. just before the big game there is a special that will air.. possibly more info at half time.. BUT NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL BE SEEING.. i guarantee the world will be shocked tomorrow afternoon.

    • I heard an announcement was going to be made. But I’ve heard nothing. If it’s going to happen sooner is better. We are under Marshall Law but it appears Sniffy in the WH isn’t aware of it. The supporters which aren’t many, aren’t aware of it. So when is the rest of the World actually going to be told ? Or even the people here. It keeps moving and next it’ll be 4 year’s

  3. Why would you post a picture of a little girl like that? Why do you even have a photo like that in the first place? What a disgusting thumbnail, David. Maybe Mike S. likes that kind of stuff but you just lost a long time listener.

  4. Dave, keep up the good work! LOVE YOUR SHOW! Thanks for keeping us posted, the Lord knows the MSM won’t!

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