Navy Seal: Pope Arrested

Former Navy Seal Michael Jaco has just confirmed what we already knew. The Pope has been arrested for Child Trafficking and President Trump has put the military in charge of the country with Trump as the Commander in Chief. In a few days, everyone will wake up to the TRUTH and will be very embarrassed at their stupidity in disbelieving what we have been telling them over the past year. They’re in for a Huge Shock. Plus…an alleged more potent strain of COVID-19 is a PSYOP to continue lockdowns and forced vaccinations. And…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta with our continuing conversation on the banned books of the Bible. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. hello MY NAME is Dajuan Genesis Davis I am very much a knower and I am ready to learn more and I need to say thank you

  2. I found a video on fb where you say Soros has been arrested. That Bush epk be executed after all tribunals, and obama is in Gitmo begging for his life. I’ve shared but it was pointed out dated 2020. Can you expound on this. Please email me at thank you for the work you do.


  3. I don’t understand your platform of fear mongering about fema camps and when the real research show’s TRUMPs going to have 4 more years . I start watching you and then you say something ignorant I shut ya off . But thank for the try

  4. We are organizing people with the same opinion
    to form a big group, able to operate against big fraud and betray.
    of immune people
    is nonsense
    Lockdowns for immune people are nonsense

    Most people are immune against the weak Corona-virus.
    The vaccination is more dangerous than the virus.
    There must come a selftest on immunity.

    We agree with everything, which makes sense.
    We oppose to everything, which is pure nonsense.
    We don´t tolerate unreliable governments, coming with nonsense-decisions.

    Remember: we are the 98% : 2%-majority. TrojanHorse-governments, attacking via viruses, lies, vaccinations, are supported by 2% only!

    There is a big world law: big organized groups in the place of action win against small groups there.
    That´s why well organized cheaters have a chance. Let´s become a big organized group everywhere to show fraudsters their limits!

    Crucial papers must be readable for everyone worldwide .
    Anti-Betrug-Partei . Anti-Betray-Party .


    There is no proof, whether the vaccines against the Corona-Covid19-virus will work at all against the new variant, coming from Great Britain, the Corona-Covid21-virus

    Thus it is absolutely unclear, whether the vaccination against the Corona-Covid19-virus in the new situation makes sense at all:
    Safe against Covid19-virus,
    but killed by Covid21-virus!
    Fine result ! Isn´t it ?

    The conclusion of the Government however:
    faster vaccination of more people with the old vaccines !!!
    Another time a nonsense-decision.
    Lack of any logica !

    That shows once more:
    it´s not about the virus,
    it´s about injecting harmfull substances into the body of all citizens to gain an end, which the aggressor wants. Sure not a good thing for the victims of the lie- and fraud-operation, impressingly supported by the MSM-media, the lie-media, owned by the billionaires of deep state.

    It seems, that the dppp-sick children in adult bodies,
    – see explanation of science –
    are loosing control of their WW3-attack on us.

    The Corona-Covid19-virus was too weak to frighten all people.
    The sick “children! tried to correct that by lying over the numbers, and by treating infected people in the hospitals with the wrong methods and medicaments, to make more of them suffer and die, silencing to death medicaments, healing the infection very fast. (Experts made the good medicaments known via GEZOND VERSTAND and other Medias and Internet.)

    Again this was not enough to frighten people enough. Therefore they brought into the game a stronger lab-virus. According to them of natural origin. As the first one: coming from the Wuhan-lab.

    Now the efficiency of their vaccines against Covid21 can be doubted. They are not tested on Covid21!
    So they created doubt against their main instrument for the Great Reset: the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna.

    Not so clever, dear children !

  5. Question and I ask this of you with all sincerity. Why would a Navy Seal tell you something so that you could tell everyone before it is openly reported to the world? What good is a Navy Seal that leaks information?

  6. May YAHUWAH bless you all who are fighting against wealthy and highly influential demonic people behind the ongoing pedophilia, human trafficking & slavery and give you strength, protect you and empower you to continue the fight in the name of YESHUA for YAHUWAH’S name sake. Amen.

  7. The Pope WAS NOT ARRESTED!!!! I searched numerous pages of Italian news sources NOTHING!!!!
    People need to quit believing so easily everything that they read it is stupid and dangerous!!!

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