Military To Detonate Tunnels Under White House

The United States Military plans to detonate tunnels under the White House and Capitol after completion of rescue and recovery operations of 1000s of children being held there. Plus…Airman Jim on UFOs and the paranormal. And…David Bettenhausen And Carla Bogni-Kidd on reincarnation. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David. why would they want to burn out these tunnels under ground? if they rescue and clean tunnels out .why not keep them available so if we ALL need to get underground from a comet or astriod hitting our planet ,we would have better chance of saving more people..use them as public fall out shelters…

    • Gene Decode stated some underground bases and tunnels were so dedicated to Satanic activities that they had to be abandoned and destroyed. They have become haunted houses/bases. Those types of place draw major malevolent entities that will feed off and corrupt anything that inhabits it. No one in their right mind will seek shelter in a haunted house. Would you?

  2. death vax all unrelated… is just like all terrorist attacks police don’t know the motive, even though they all cried ‘allah akhbar’

  3. You lose credibility when you push the reincarnation delusion. If you were truly a Christian you would know better. You would also know that “channeling” and “spirit guides” are a direct link to the occult and are to be avoided.

  4. @Brit Bandito, I agree with you that “channeling” or meditation opens a portal to mediate with demons into deceiving humanity. However, suppose the Church Fathers had allowed ‘recycling of the soul’ to be included to the canon, instead of arbitrarily deciding on 66 books (an occult number). In that case, they’d be out of business. Are you aware that there are mentions of books missing from the bible? I wrote a page about ‘recycling of the soul’ aka “reincarnation,” and I hope you read it here: What is Reincarnation?| Yâ-hwéh Yâhuwshúa` (

  5. So. while I pray all this is true, being in a construction state of mind, Please explain to me how you blow up “tunnels” underground, and not cause sink holes and or cave ins from above.

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