Midsummer Solstice Luciferian Ritual Scheduled For This Weekend

A Catholic ritual so secret, it is only spoken about in whispers. The Midsummer Solstice In the Luciferian Brotherhood System, where virgin girls are groomed in the art of arousing virgin boys, believing the more alluring and enchanting the moment the more heightened one’s energy is and the more fertile the seed gathered from the male. Tonight, in our continuing conversation with Illuminati victim Jessie Czebotar, you’ll learn of the horrific practice that is centuries old, yet continues to this very day, in which children are sacrificed to please Satan.

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  1. Hi Jessie: first I want to say your amazing. I was wondering if you have more information about the Mormons and child sacrafice. I can’t remember the video you mentions the 5 churches in. Can you direct me to my information.
    God Bless you. Susan

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