Mainstream Media Versus The People: The War Over Pedophilia

The media have been working to normalize pedophilia, but the American people keep rejecting it. Tonight, we break down the battle of good versus evil and the meia and big business over morality. A must-watch report!


  1. Good morning David. I notice your truth unsealed platform was removed from YouTube. You said it many times main stream media are censoring alternative media out let. It’s good you set up the paid subscription to continue your platform.

  2. David,
    Sorry to see u were taken of utube
    Yet was expected
    Just subscribed to 24 month subscription
    Only a matter of time before they close this url
    Im getting blocked going to And have to use alternate
    Links; again to be expected
    Keep the fight ur doing well
    God bless u and ur crew
    In the name of Jesus i pray, amen

  3. So sorry about Youtube David.
    Been following you on Dark Outpost and it’s one of my favorite channels. Appreciate the truth you bring out.
    Love from South Africa,

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