Jessie Returns, A Battle Rejoined!

Jessie Czebotar returns to the Dark Outpost on the heels of her son’s death to rejoin the battle against Satanic forces. Ginny Silcox goes off the grid. Dr. James Fetzer talks Biden clones and body doubles. Plus your telephone calls. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I lost my older brother a few years ago and it was very tough for all of us, especially my mom, who had to watch her son in a coffin and being buried six feet down

  2. Jessie, I lost my 14 yr old son in 1997. I had walked with my oldest sister 3 yrs before when she lost her 18 yr old daughter in a car wreck. I saw the healing God gave her and her family. Then God walked with me and my family. Adam went to Heaven and I will see him again. But, like you, Jessie, I used Adam’s early passing for God’s Glory. You have my prayers as you walk through this heartache. Be kind to yourself and know that many love you, Jessie!

  3. Just noticed Hillary Clinton on The View, a clip of it from recently on Real Story. Don’t think she was executed.

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