“I Almost Died At Bohemian Grove”

Peter A. Kirby has recently come forth to tell a story of something so horrific, it still haunts him to this day. The event took place on a family vacation when he was just 4 years old. In his own words, “On a weekend getaway with members of the Warburg family (yes, that Warburg family), a man named Felix Warburg and his wife Sue attempted to inject me with an unknown substance. I fought them and their henchmen off and lived to tell about it. I think that they were trying to procure me for sacrifice at Bohemian Grove.” Tonight. You’ll hear tales of child human sacrifice, the Illuminati, Bohemian Grove, and more. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost! Tonight’s program in its entirety is being made available FREE on all of our streaming platforms.

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  1. I have just paid to join for a year but I am unable to log in, I requested help and still waiting for the email. Please help me log in or refund my money.

  2. I’m a radio journalist and I’ve interviewed Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead and I’ve hung out backstage multiple times, I have spent lots of time talking to a few of his best friends.. His inner circle is VERY Christian and I can speak for that.They go to church. Also, if you know their music, you will hear in the lyrics lots of Biblical references. There’s mixed people in every crowd & mixed people in the Dead Head Audience.. but after spending years around the Dead Heads AND the Grateful Dead.. I cannot speak for every Band member, but 3/4 of their following are sweet friendly fun loving folks. Nothing too dark aside from the occasional random bad acid trip.

    • Membership to BG is (initially) $25k, with yearly at $8,500 (reduced for entertainers that contribute). To KEEP PAYING annual dues, says something. That there are no women allowed membership, that NUMEROUS ‘homosexual acts’ are documented there, that pagan gods are worshipped there, favors (nepotism) are arranged there, world plans each year are made there, and that the near-whole of the membership is ‘NOT-conservative Republicans’ with track records of war-mongering, job slashing, crime-inducing…says a lot. To say ‘he is a saint’ doesn’t speak well to answer the question, ‘then why is he in a membership of demons?’

  3. What ever you do do not smoke cigarettes’.
    DC is not a swamp its a fucking sewer
    over run with perverts.

  4. I have raised 4 of my own kids, used to run a childcare biz and have been a babysitter since I was 13 years old. I am having a hard time believing Kirby’s story about being 4 years old, and able to climb up into a sink and grab a knife to protect himself with.. then stab dogs paws while they’re jumping & barking viciously at him.. I just cannot see a 4 year old having the “where with all” to defend himself especially in such a manner! I have a 3 and a half year old Grandson and in a situation like that I think someone so young would have to be repeatedly trained in that very house.. on how to do something like Kirby described! Yet still they’d be terrified and subdominant in the moment out of fear & shock! I’m not sure even a trained 4 year old would be able to remember exactly what to do in an unfamiliar home while people are trying to grab him.. This guy might be researched on chem trails but I think his experience w/ the Warbergs was exaggerated to make himself sound like a super heroic 4 year old.
    (Which is highly immature)
    I personally could snatch a large knife from my grandson instantly and stop him from climbing up a sink just as fast.. all by myself! There were supposedly 2 adults right next to him.. I’m sorry David I follow your news closely, but this guy who thinks the Grateful Dead is an underground Satanic force.. I have to call “BS” On him. I know too many affiliates of the Band personally and in discussion with Bob Weir AND his business partner/best pal (since highschool) we spoke of Christianity and Bobs involvement with his local church! I was delighted to find out that Bob Weir and his partner are regular church goers. Also, they’ve created non profits to benefit the underprivileged such as “The Rex Foundation” and hold multiple benefit concerts all year long when touring . SEVA for the blind is another charity they regularly contribute to. I’ve met Bob’s Wife, spoken with his Sister who creates AWESOME children’s books like ” Panther Dream”
    I’ve seen Bob tour with his wife & teenaged daughters and I’ve been on his Band’s tour bus! conducted audio interviews with multiple Bandmates. There’s NO satanic images, dark people.. nothing of the sort that you would expect to see if you were looking for a Satanic Band and/ or that kind of following. I asked how Bob was able to get to church regular with all the touring. I was told that they tour 8 months out of the year , then have 4 months “off” I remember Bob saying (during the same discussion) that at some point it was decided that Christianity was “a must” within the Band because of some of the darkness (people) having involvement the Music industry. Also, for God’s protection over the (HUGE) Dead Head following.
    Many followers are misfits and kids whom are run aways! It’s easy to hide out on tour. Just show up, ask who has room & Jump on a bus!..lots of folks all ages whom have escaped domestic violence and worse.. like trafficking. I’ve met more than one young Dead Head who had been mistreated at home, no where else to go but to follow the music. Other thing is, Dead Heads watch out for each other! They sort of act like family even to strangers.. no matter what religion.. many are Buddhist, many Christian some are just gypsies selling hand crafted arts in the parking lot. The Band does NOT influence their audience in ANY WAY regarding what religion they are. I know, I’ve also been to 75 Grateful Dead / Ratdog/ Jerry Garcia Band concerts and I’ve seen members of the Dead join other Bands to play benefits in multiple cities and States. Anyways I believe there’s some truth to Kirby’s tall tale.. I know the whole area he speaks of.. Bolinas, Point Reyes, Inverness, Fort Bragg.. beautiful, but weird stuff does happen there and certain places have strange vibes.
    But Terrapin Station is an AWESOME Music Venue, where they give up & coming Bands a chance to be heard.. just like Sweetwater Saloon. My friends Bands play at BOTH Venues. They’re NOT serving human hamburgers by any means.. SERIOUSLY! I know Fairfax, my friend lives there and San Raphael, Where Grateful Dead Studios were located. Bolinas is kind of an Art community. At one point the Attorneys and Doctors that lived there had LSD legalized for use on mental patients.
    FYI: In some cases Lsd can also be used to break free from MK Ulta mind control and post traumatic stress. If you want to know how the Grateful Dead got mixed up with the LSD crowd, then look up Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters. Kesey was a renegade LSD “study” patient who was chosen for experiments at Stanford University. Rather than following guidelines, Ken chose to experiment “further” with theatre arts, psycadelic arts and music.. oh what grand parties they must’ve had during the “Electric Kool aid Acid Tests” just a bunch of fun loving beatniks. That’s all folks!

    • I’ll bet none of your kids had an IQ of 165 either..I can see a young child ‘rising to the circumstances ‘ because as a young child,I had to as I was assaulted by demons regularly..you learn to adapt,’even as a four year old..

      • Yeah same with me. I have been fighting demons/evil spirits x2 since I was 11 years old.

  5. Here is the link of the man he speaks of, Felix Max Warburg, to the famous or rather, infamous, Paul Moritz Warburg, founder of the Federal Reserve. He said he wasn’t sure how Felix was was related to Paul Warburg. Hope this helps.

    Felix Max Warburg (son of) —> Gerald Felix Warburg, Sr.(son of) —>Felix Moritz Warburg(brother of) —> PAUL MORITZ WARBURG, FOUNDER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE. So his grandfather was the brother of Paul Warburg.

  6. You can rebuke a demon but only in Jesus’s name..As a former occultist, I know from personal experience (am now a born again Christian)that these interdimensionals are’Deathly afraid of Jesus..see Luke 10:19;they’re not afraid of Allah,or any other deities, ONLY JESUS..see Revelation ch19(‘He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords’)

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