Horrific Blood Files Surface

A major adrenochrome data dump has been found on the darkest corner of the worldwide web, which exposes the Illuminati Satanists’ lust for the blood of young children to maintain their youth in a perverted scheme to discover the way to stop the aging process. Tonight, we present a special report on the Elite’s need to harvest this precious chemical from the most vulnerable among us. And…we make these secret documents available to you. Plus…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues her discussion on the hidden books of the Bible. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. do you know of or remember willie pickton pig farm in port coquitlam (vancouver bc), canada’s biggest mass murder

  2. Good info but you lose credibility when you ask for payments (1 year sub) to get to see the documents- they were free in the first place (leaked) so why do we have to pay? That’s my only issue with this- it makes people turn a blind eye to what is actually going on, and round and around we go- Information should be free, just a thought ?

  3. If you want to do something altruistic yourself, instead of selling this information Mr. Zublick; perhaps sending this free of charge to someone like LL Wood might be constructive.

  4. Sending a copy of the complete file re: this story to Joshua Philipp at the Epoch Times perhaps could also be considered, Mr. Zublick. It has a high circulation and would thoroughly vet and present it if approved. Check out their website for yourself should you really care to do the right thing, so to speak.

    • The lady showing all those files said the person who sent all this files asked to be sent to Trump. I hope they were. This is horrific!

    • They cover it up to. There is people doing this in the deep state everywhere. Even the fbi. There was a story on YouTube about a security officer for daddy Bush. The guy said he was very abusive to people and ruthless he didn’t care as long as he got what he wanted

  5. I would think that the military would be especially interested in this info being that a huge number of abandoned bases and camps are being used to hold these children and even some active bases as well. The military has already cleaned out the ones under the White House and The State Capitol as well as one huge one under a park in California. President Trump should also be given this information if he doesn’t already have it. He has signed on to help eliminate child sex trafficking and is animate about abolishing it once and for all.

  6. I disagree with others saying a payment shouldn’t be. With the amount of time and effort and research to producing these videos you should be able to monetize your site to counter the costs. 29.00 for a year is nothing. You pay cable yes? You may buy a newspaper for information correct? Why shouldn’t this site get paid for their efforts of bringing news to you? Just saying.

  7. I was wondering where is the physical proof of the mass arrests and detention/executions of these famous/elites. I am not doubting I just need to prove to my husband this is all real.

  8. A friend tried to look up some of those childrens names on the missing person list and the search just keeps crashing. So something is being hidden. Big THANK YOU David for all of the FREE information you DID give us in this presentation. And also for all of the time and effort taken to seek out these documents and publically expose the corporation and its involvement in this horrific abomination. I understand this is a very dangerous path you have taken and may God bless you for your courage and keep you safe.

  9. If these files exist then don’t declair yourself a Christian or a Patriot you want money for them. Send them on the web free, if they are true, and all these pedophiles will disappear.All of Hollywood, Congress and ETC. If they are not given for free, the your dark outpost is just a sham and when our President declasses all this, I hope your name is also on this list.

  10. Mr.Zublick,
    With all due respect, I hope and pray that this information all of it is Holy truth. For a long time now we have been told so many things, we have witnessed many things and have reached our boiling point. I am a patriot, a christian and a Trump supporter who would very much like to see the end of child sex trafficking as well as the deep state being brought down. You must understand just how unfathomable all of this sounds ,I can’t seem to wrap my head around all of this! I am sure you realize just how crazy all of this sounds. I hope for you and the others putting out this information that it is holy truth! The American people for the most part are very, very sick and tired of being lied to. The list of tribunals, the accusations, the documents if Not true could in fact provoke a war! If untrue, I would think it would be the final straw for Americans. We are fed up with vicious lies. We are being told that hundreds of elites are being tried, convicted and executed, we are being told there are military operations going on all over the world,we are being lied to about what is happening in DC, you must understand we are tired of it all! If this is in fact going on we need more conformation than just a bunch of people that we do not know telling us this is in fact happening. Now according to your reports this has been going on for a few years now, If so, then it is time for we the people to get conformation, It’s been long enough! Enough is Enough! In the case that all of this is real and true then my apologies, you must understand how far out there all of this sounds to us that have not been given solid proof. With the exception of a bunch of documents that could very well be fake and on top of all that you are asking us to pay for documents that if true should be public knowledge anyway, why would I pay for documents that could very well be fake? As I said earlier if I am wrong then I apologize.

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