Ghislaine Maxwell Offers $30 Million Bail And Reveals Husband’s Name

By John Vibes

Ghislaine Maxwell is having such a rough time in prison that she is offering up a bail package of nearly $30 million, and is revealing details about her private life that she has never confirmed with investigators.

If her proposal is accepted, she hopes to be out of prison for the Christmas holiday.

An estimated $25 million of the sum will reportedly be raised by Maxwell’s husband, tech CEO Scott Borgerson, according to the Telegraph.

While it was suspected that she and Borgerson were married, she refused to reveal his name at an initial bail hearing this summer. An additional $5 million for the bail will come from Ghislaine’s brothers, Kevin and Ian Maxwell.


If her release is granted, Maxwell has promised to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet until her trial.

Maxwell’s defense team was hoping to keep the details of the bond’s co-signers private, due to fears that they would be harassed by members of the public.

“They are legitimately afraid if their identities become public, they will be subjected to the same relentless media scrutiny and threats that Ms. Maxwell has experienced for more than a year,” Maxwell’s attorney’s argued in a bail request.


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