Demons Materializing On Earth

Demons are manifesting and demon possession is happening like never before in history. Tonight, we’ll explain the reasons behind this phenomenon. Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness Returns to answer your questions. Peter A. Kirby and Ginny Silcox continue our series on his book Chemtrails Exposed: The New Manhattan Project. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I watched your report last night and you DID call bullshyte on it. You were right. I knew you were right because I watched Mr. Steele on Charlie Ward’s show that very morning and they were laughing at the ludicrous report about Steele’s death at the hands of Ward.

  2. David, you are right, the antediluvian world was destroyed by God due to the genetic contamination of HUMANS AND ANIMALS by the Nephilim ( fallen ones ). ALL FLESH WAS CORRUPTED. All means all.

  3. Thanks guys for your honesty, I too am a devout soldier of the Lord who has battled bourbon for 38 years faith and trusted sources like yourself carry me through,God bless you both,Dark Outpost, simply the best!

  4. I loved this show like all. I guess I will have new reading material in form of Peter’s book soon 🙂 I knew relatively much about geoengineering but his and Ginny’s research go so much deeper! I wonder if he heard or has evidence for the belief that part of what we’re seeing in the sky (if we bother to look up and still recognize that what we see isn’t ‘normal’) is actually depositing chemical waste from industries (Anthony Williams/The medical Medium has mentioned this).
    Anyway thanks to all!

    • Yes I do. The most common chemtrail spray has been found to be coal fly ash: a toxic waste byproduct of the electrical power industry. There’s a whole chapter about it in my book. We’ll be talking about it on the show very soon.

  5. The earth is flat and to say it’s not is to ignore the many scripture references showing us this….Joshua 10:13 and many others. The versus she cited don’t refer to the shape of the earth and science along with repeatable and observable experiments demonstrate we see objects way beyond what should be hidden behind the curve. The heliocentric model is false, we don’t live on a spinning ball, and space as NASA tells us doesn’t exist only in their CGI images. Decades of indoctrination by NASA has fooled us to believe these lies since the 1950’s. We live in an enclosed system, they lied to us about everything. Our flat earth is stationary with the dome firmament above which contains the rotating sun and moon (traveling in their circuits) and the stars which are not planets! Download the “Flat Earth Clock” app for further information. David Weiss is a good source for all things “flat earth” and has a YouTube channel “DITRH”
    We live in a giant pond surrounded by Antarctica with the North Pole in the center. The earths oceans are flat which makes up 70% of the earth’s surface. So to claim we live on a spinning ball is utter nonsense. Both commercial and military pilots tell us they fly over a flat earth plane…..air”plane” not airglobe ! I’ve been searching for earths curvature for over 2 years and still haven’t seen it yet.
    If someone can give me ONE PROOF of the globe, I’ll be happy to listen to it….CGI images and cartoon science is not proof.
    We don’t live on a tiny spec in an endless space vacuum which the evil cabal wants us to believe but we are at the center of Gods creation.
    Christians need to understand that Star Wars and Star Trek movies don’t represent where we live and science fiction movies are just that, “fiction”

    • Sandy, I am thrilled your are a Christian…….but you simply need to talk to more PILOTS….that simple. I saw the curve of the earth way back in 1967 as a lowly USAF student pilot in the T-38 at 49,000 ft. Many SR-71 and U2 pilots have seen the same good ol earth’s curve in their aircraft far above 49,000. Simply find some truthful military pilots and ignore all others who have not physically “been there”. Blessings.

  6. 82 verses in kj….. refer to a stable earth. the lord’s footstool…. it can be circular but it’s flat….

  7. Demons are killed people, wanting revenge, opsess a weak person.

    Deepstate, the strongest Killer-Group on the Planet, has been created by a killer-gene, by a disease. The Deepstate-groep, defined by this inborn disease, recognizable by sick behavior, lying, misleading, cheating, damaging in 1000 ways, mostly indirectly, and killing in disguise, f.i. via traps
    is gathering around the fun source playing-bad-pranks
    this fun source streaming out of a defect playing-pranks-program
    in their heads, this defect caused by gene-defect. Cause and effect:
    gene-defect → brain disease → Killer-Group with common fun source, individuals cooperating in all kinds of big-damage-activities
    the killer- and genocide-activities the biggest ones

    The strange thing is, that the original killer-group,
    the Khasarian Nation / Huns-Nation under king Attila, the Hun, 400 nC-453 nC, from Khasaria at the Caucasus, is redefining itself continuously,
    this killer-group known for genocide 436 nC on the Burgunder Nation at the river Rhein and other big crimes. Now the group is mixted with many nations around the globe, after having lived between them during rond 700 years, since 1250 nC (plaque-exodus partly) / 1376 nC (Dschingis Khan-exodus fully), after having changed appearance and other qualities as intelligence and strength, after big adaptations. It is redefining itself continuouly. The indi-
    viduals, born with the dominant killer-gene, make contact with each other, cluster in physical groups, start cooperating in damage games, participate in a special type games, one out of many types, clustering around the seemingly very strong fun source ´damage game´
    Those with the recessive killer-gene don´t cluster, go other ways, normal ways, don´t know of the sleeping killer-gene in their DNA. When they come acrosss damage games of close relatives (with dominant killer-gene), they hate that. But when some of their children and /of grandchildren happen to inherit the dominant form of the killer-gene, these children develope the dppp-brain disease (defect playing pranks program-disease), start looking around for possibilities to play bad pranks, find other ones, playing already, cluster and cooperate with them, get contact with the underground structures of the worldwide killer-group deepstate, hear of the great leader, the secret king, and join. From then on most of them obey to orders of the king. It’s a characteristique of the disease, using ppp: normal children, playing pranks between age 7 and 11, find it safer to play pranks in a group, choose+obey a groupsleader. ´Sick adult children´ show the same behavior.

    Thus, Mr. President, Mr. Donald Trump and US-Army, execution of massive numbers of deepstate-killerpeople now is no remedy, does not help. They reappear out of the DNA-underground in the future. Only healing of the killer-disease is a true remedy.
    And gene-science can achieve this. So, shut down the execution camps and set up science camps to develope remedies for the sick people now and give scientists the task to ex-change the killer gene, where present, by the goed gene in the near future, on the one side.
    On the other side, give scientists the task to establish all future humans on this planet with much more intelligence, so that they recognize traps as the pseudo-vaccinations of today and the pseudo-tests of today and the 5G-trap immediately as killer-traps amd react by arresting the trappers. Without killer-group inside and with more intelligence humanity can enter the next phase of evolution

    The dominion of the killer-gene, the dominion of the killer-disease, the dominion of the secret king grew in the run of 7 centuries. Weaponized with intelligence, strength and beauty, stolen from the host nations, the killer-gene brought advantages to the barers. In societies of weak and pourly controlling people they could rape a lot. get rich, have many children. That dominion of the terrifying killer-gene extended to the scope of today, 2% of all. Now 140 million worldwide with dominant killer- gene. And 140 million with recessive gene! Personalized in people, the gene tries to extinct the host nations in WW3.
    A big plan to use a serie of Genocide-traps is rolled out.

    But the killer-group will go down and be defeated, if it meets determined resistance and intelligent strong counter action. The persons acting in the top and in the basis of the pyramid are weak children, driven by nothing else than brain disease, senseless destructing brain disease. Behind this disease the defect gene.

    The best chess move is now, that Global Union Armies + Police + Firefighters + Citizens offer this to the war-headquarter of Deepstate, located in BIS, Basel, CH :

    “We set up a big science action to heal your disease, if you stop WW3-actions and surrender now. Latest day 1. of may. If you refuse, hard strikes will hit you immediately. Our firefighters will put your 5G-weapon system down within some days, bild up by you to burn our cities/houses down by surprise. Your retreat area in the underground bunker- and tunnel-system will be blown up. The giant is stronger than the mouse. Sick children don´t have a chance against strong adults.”
    Thus, adult strong people: take the plan and act!

  8. People need to return to JESUS CHRIST and bless their homes in Jesus Christ’s Holy Name and they need to pray that themselves and their families and our Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus are covered in the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. This goes for everything they own and thier neighbors and neighborhoods. Read your Bibles. I am a Minister. We must devote our lives to Jesus Christ and teach our children all about Jesus Christ. We are meant to be witnessing about Jesus Christ. Rebuke the devil in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST

  9. For whatever reason I have been cut off of the DarkoutpostTV. I have paid for my subscription and I even paid for a computer to download the bundle 2 I have written emails and I have tried to go to that secure server site and I was recommended to go to to no avail. If this cannot be resolved please refund my money.

  10. I recently listened to the following podcast:

    In the podcast, William Schnoebelen claims that the COVID vaccine is designed to transform us into the beast/chimera when the mRNA in the vaccine attaches to our DNA. The Beast literally supplants the Creator in our bodies. The Sign of the Beast may be the vaccine passport that indicates that we have been injected with the Beast and that the Beast now stands in our bodies which, according to 1 Corinthians 6, are the temples of the Holy Spirit.
    2 Thessalonians 2:3–4 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; 4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.
    Everyone who is injected with the Beast becomes the Man of Perdition because they are one with the Beast. The Bible talks about how the fallen angels had children with human woman who became the Nephilim. Schnoebelen implies that satan and/or the fallen angels are trying to do that again by joining our DNA with their mRNA. If the vaccine is creating chimeras, then the government is facilitating the creation of the anti-messiah/Man of Perdition by coercing its citizens to become one with the beast.

  11. The Bible says that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against us and only after Rev 4 does it say the saints will be over taken and that would be after the rapture and holy spirit are gone because the retrainer is the holy spirit.

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