45 Children Butchered In Mass Satanic Ritual!

Guests: Monica B., Ayala Nunez, Rachel Milligan, Colin Plume, Jessie Czebotar.

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  1. Penny’s mic needs to be turned down; it is always much louder than anyone else.

  2. Concerning eating plant-based foods? After having a visitation from two large Spiritual Beings back in late 1992, and 3 months later they also came to my older brother who was seeking for truth like I was. We both had a deep feeling within to search for a much deeper truth concerning our relationship with the Eternal All. Two ancient writings crossed our path (not by chance) and changed our perspective on many things in life. The first was The Gospel of the Holy Twelve and later on was our favorite and deeply beloved, The Essene Humane Gospel of Christ. Also a few years ago,we came across the writer Dr. Shmuel Asher. He has written several books, all Indepth knowledge of the most ancient of Hebrew writings in which he is an Indepth scholar. We both are devout followers of the genuine teachings of the one mostly known as Jesus the Christ. “Yeshua” More correctly. He never partook of any flesh of any kind. In fact, all life as he taught was sacred and part of the great household of the Eternal All. In other words, our brothers and sisters in the great household. He also taught the sacredness of all life was a requirement for entry into the kingdom of the Elect. “Eternal life” The two witnesses are coming soon to make all of this known to all of the world. It will be a big pill for many to swallow. The good wheat will indeed be separated from the chaff. The Elect of humanity will be removed or divinely protected prior to the great cleansing of the unrepented towards the prophetic ministry of the two witnesses, in which the sacredness of all life is a requirement from the heart to be a son or daughter of the kingdom of the Elect. No one can fool the Eternal All. The hatred towards the two anointed ones and their prophetic words will be beyond words to express. But for the Elect sake, those days will be shortened.

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